How to Disable Touch ID or Face ID Temporarily Using Siri on iPhone and iPad

Don’t want to use Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone or iPad? You can quickly disable the two features by using Siri on your iOS devices. Note that you can temporarily disable this biometric authentication for your iPhone or iPad with a single Siri command. The voice assistant will quickly deactivate fingerprint season or facial recognition on your device, and you have to enter your phone passcode. Check this quick guide to temporarily disable Face ID and Touch ID with Siri on iPhone or iPad.

Remember that when you summon Siri on your device, it should be locked. IF you have already used your Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your iOS device, Siri cannot do anything. When the Touch ID or Face ID is disabled temporarily, you have to unlock your iPhone or iPad with a passcode and not with your fingerprint or face scanning.

How to Temporarily Disable Touch ID and Face ID with Siri on iPhone or iPad

How to Disable Touch ID or Face ID Temporarily Using Siri on iPhone and iPad

The method is pretty simple; ask Siri ‘Who’s iPhone is this?’ Yes, you normally use this command to know the ownership of any iPhone or iPad, and therefore, this command sounds familiar to you. The command is also used to temporarily turn off Touch ID or Face ID.

Step #1: Invoke Siri by long pressing Home button on your iPhone 8/8 Plus or earlier models. If you are using iPhone X, use side button; alternatively, you can use ‘Hey Siri’ to summon Siri.

Step #2: Now speak, “Whose iPhone is this?” to disable Touch ID or Face ID for the time being.

Is it hard to believe?

You can perform above steps on your iOS device by asking Siri “Who’s phone is this?” Yes, you can omit the “i” in iPhone and simply use ‘phone’. Siri will still respond to your query: I believe this iPhone belongs to “your name”.

Your iPhone or iPad will display a card with information like your name, a profile photo (if you have set up) and your mobile number in the bottom left corner.

When you tap on this card, you will be asked to enter your passcode. This confirms that your fingerprint authentication or face recognition system is blocked temporarily.

Disable Touch ID Using Siri on iPhone and iPad

You cannot bypass this card to access other settings in your device.

What If Siri Doesn’t Realize I Own My iPhone or iPad?

If Siri replies that I don’t know who’s iPhone is this belongs too then follow the below mentioned steps:

Step #1: Launch Settings on your iOS device.

Step #2: Tap on Siri & Search.

Step #3: Tap on My Information and Choose your own contact number.

Now, simply restart your iDevice.


If you are using above Siri command on your iPad, you have to use iPhone or phone and not iPad. For example, you have to say “Who’s iPhone/phone is this?” on your iPad as well. You can’t say “Who’s iPad is this?”

In case you speak, “Who’s iPad is this?” Siri will advise you to go to

This can be a minor glitch, which can be resolved in the next iOS update from Apple. As of now, you have to call your iPad an iPhone to prevent yourself from using biometric authentication.

Using Siri, you can bypass the steps that take you in Settings of your iOS device, which may take your time. This Siri way helps you quickly stop Touch ID or Face ID from working on your iPhone or iPad.

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