iOS 11 is released with excellent features (though some of them are hidden from common users) like adding email accounts to Mail, scanning documents in Notes app, and inserting drawing in Mail app. One of the notable inserts of iOS 11 is the App Drawer in Messages app, which gives users easy access to stickers, GIFs, games and more. But some users find it irritating and they want to temporarily remove app drawer in iOS 11 Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

I, personally, don’t find any reason why one should get rid of App Icons in iMessage on iOS 11. The feature peacefully settles at the bottom of your Messages app, and emerges when you open any Message or iMessage. For serious communication (forget those funny GIFs and stickers), this app drawer is helpful when you want to send and receive money via iMessage with Apple Pay.

For any reason, if you want to temporarily hide App Icons in iMessage on iOS 11, follow the steps.

How to Remove Messages App Drawer in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

How to Remove App Drawer in iOS 11 Messages App

Step #1: First off, launch Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Open any Message or iMessage thread from the list of messages.

Step #3: At the bottom of phone screen, you will find Text Message bar (where you can type reply messages). Before this text bar, you can see an App Store icon next to Camera icon.

Step #4: Simply tap on that App Store icon and that App Drawer will disappear from your device’s screen.

Remove App Drawer in iOS 11 Messages App

To bring this App Drawer back in iMessages app, simply go back to Messages app and tap on any message thread. You can see that App Drawer at the bottom of your phone screen.

I would recommend users to keep that App Drawer there as it has some of the best iMessage apps and stickers for iPhone and iPad.

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