The best thing about owning an Android powered smartphone is the large ecosystem of unique devices and software that the smartphone can connect to. Unlike Apple, Google has decided to make Android open-source which gives third-party manufacturers the opportunity to create high-end accessories that Android fans can purchase and enhance the performances of their smartphones. Today we are going to check the top eight best smartphone accessories that every Android fan should consider buying in order to get the best that user experience that Android smartphones have to offer.

The Best Android Smartphone Accessories

Even though it might seem like iPhone fanboys have it the best when it comes to accessories, this is not necessarily the case. There are thousands of companies that excel at creating smartphone accessories and they focus their attention on Android powered devices because of their large ecosystem. Nonetheless, let’s see which are the top ten best Android smartphones that you can find on Amazon.

#1 Mpow iSnap X Selfie Stick

Best Android Accessories Selfie Stick

Who doesn’t love taking selfies with their smartphone? Tech companies have noticed that people take pictures every day and this why smartphones are becoming more camera-centric every year. In fact, a large majority of Android powered smartphones ship with a dual selfie camera-setup and this is why getting a premium Mpow iSnap X Selfie stick is a good way to capitalize on the high-end selfie cameras that Android smartphones have to offer.
Price: $9.99
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#2 Volta Charger Cable

Best Android Accessories Volta Charger Cable

Is there something more annoying than having your charging cable tangle while carrying it in your pocket? Well, this is not a problem for the Volta Charger because this cable is made from special tangle-free military grade protection material. Not just that, but this charging cable also features a reversible magnetic connection which means that it will connect in under a second to all your Android powered devices.
Price: $25.99
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#3 RAVPower Portable Charger

Best Android Accessories RAVPower Bank

Since we are talking about annoying things, one of the biggest problem that all smartphone owners need to deal with is running out of battery charge when there isn’t an outlet around. This issue can prove to be quite dangerous because most people rely on their smartphones to get navigation directions when traveling. On the bright side of things, this can be avoided by getting a premium Android power bank. The best power bank that Android fans can get is sold by RAVPower and it features a massive 16,750 mAh battery. Another cool thing about this power bank is the fact that it can also support iPhones, and Nintendo Switch consoles.
Price: $32.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4 Wireless Charger

Best Android Accessories Wireless Charger

Just like the previous accessory on our list, this is one is also manufactured by RAVPower. This company is renowned for creating high-end accessories for both Android and iOS powered devices and this is why we have to advise every Android fan to give the RAVPower Wireless Charger a try. The great thing about this wireless charger is that it features a fail-safe security system that guarantees nothing bad will happen to your smartphone while charging. For example, the RAVPower wireless charger can disperse heat 15% faster and more efficiently than other wireless chargers. Therefore, the wireless charger will never overcharge, over-current or start a short circuit that can overheat the device.
Price: $21.99
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#5 JBL Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Best Android Accessories JBL Speaker

Even though Android powered smartphones are equipped with high-end speaker systems, they are just not enough for people who truly love listening to music. Therefore, getting a Bluetooth wireless speaker is the best thing that Android fans who want an awesome audio experience can do. The JBL Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is one of the best Android smartphone accessories that money can buy because it comes with a large 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery that can last for 12 hours of continuous music playtime. To make things even better, the JBL Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is also IPX7 waterproof and covered in a Flip 4 Protective Hard Case which makes the device perfect for outdoor activities.
Price: $99.99
Find it on Amazon

#6 Professional Selfie Flashlight

Best Android Accessories Selfie Flashlight

We previously talked about how Android smartphones are becoming more and more camera-centric and what better way to take advantage of that other than by getting a professional selfie flashlight. This portable selfie flashlight will take your pictures to the next level. We should also mention that despite being a premium accessory that professional photographers use, it’s quite simple to install and use. The only thing that Android fans need to do is to clip it to the smartphone and then turn on the switch. Who knew that the trick to shooting better selfies is as simple as that?
Price: $11.97
Get it from Amazon

#7 AMIR Phone Camera Lens

Best Android Accessories Camera Lens

Android smartphones are renowned for the cool pictures that they can take, but Android fans can always take things to the next level by buying lenses to give them more variety in angles. The AMIR Phone Camera Lens is the perfect accessory for Android fans who enjoy taking pictures during their holiday trips and want to improve the camera effects that they have access to. The lens that sticks out the most in this pack is the Super Wide Angle one because it can snap breathtaking landscape pictures. Not just that, but the Supreme Fisheye Lens is also a nice one to have because it makes images rounder.
Price: $18.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#8 Joyzy Foldable Keyboard

Best Android Accessories Foldable Keyboard

Are you the type of person who does a lot of work such as sending emails from your smartphone? Well, then getting a foldable keyboard is going to be a game changer for you. As you can probably tell, carrying a foldable keyboard that can connect to your Android powered smartphone via Bluetooth will prove to be quite useful. What makes this foldable keyboard stand out from the rest is its built-in rechargeable battery which can last for multiple months on a single charge. Now, this is impressive!
Price: $27.99
Purchase it from Amazon

Wrapping Things Up

We think we made it pretty clear that there are lots of premium accessories that will improve the user experience that Android powered smartphones can offer. However, if you are not sure what you should pick to buy, then you might want to check out these other accessories and see if there’s something that you like more.



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