Did you pre-order one of Apple’s latest iPhones? Well, then you should make sure to buy some of the best accessories for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR while you are still at it. Even though Apple’s iPhones are beautiful devices that you will want to flaunt at every occasion you get, protecting them with a hardened case is the best thing you can do. Despite being equipped with a sleek design, iPhones are known to get easy scratches on their rounded corners. Not just that, but iPhones now have a camera bulge on the rear side that can also get easily cracked.

Premium iPhone Accessories

Today we are going to show you the best accessories that money can buy for Apple’s latest generation of iPhones and we are not talking only about cases. We are going to take a look at premium wireless chargers, lens protectors and even a magnetic phone holder for your car! With that said, let’s get into it.

#1 OLEBR Wireless Charger

OLEBR Wireless Charger

There are lots of iPhone accessories that will prove to be quite useful, but they all pale in comparison to this wireless charger. The wireless charger pictured above is designed by the folks at OLEBR who are known for producing top of the line Apple accessories and it can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and even AirPods. The fact that the OLEBR wireless can charge all your Apple devices makes it worthy to be the first Apple accessory on our list.
Price: $35.97
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Bestrix Magnetic Phone Car Holder

Bestrix Magnetic Phone Car Holder

Do you love going on long trips, but hate that you don’t have a special place where to put your iPhone? Worry no more because the Bestrix magnetic phone car holder is exactly what you need. This device can be mounted directly on an Air Vent and its luxurious design makes it perfect for every car.

To make things even better, the Bestrix Magnetic phone car holder can also rotate 360 degrees which means that you will always be able to check all the new notifications that your iPhone is getting.
Price: $16.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 DTTO Case


Even though most people don’t like putting cases on their iPhone, not using one is a huge risk! As previously mentioned, iPhones are easy to scratch and considering that Apple’s new iPhones have glass backs, dropping them once on the hard concrete will crack it. Therefore, we advise every iPhone owner who cares about their smartphone to get a strong case such as the one produced by DTTO.

The cool thing about this iPhone case is the fact that it doesn’t just protect your iPhone, but it also doesn’t ruin its beauty. The case has been specially designed to increase the resistance of iPhones while not making them look bulky and heavy at the same time.
Price: $19.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 ICHECKEY Lens Protector

ICHECKEY Lens Protector

One of the highlight features of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR is the fact that they ship with a cutting-edge dual-camera setup on the rear side. This camera setup takes incredible pictures and its one of the main reasons why Apple’s new iPhones are selling so fast. Therefore, protecting them from getting scratched is one of the wisest things that any new iPhone owner can do.

ICHECKEY has created a special lens protector that is cut precisely for the new iPhones. The lens protector features a custom fit and it is scratch and impact resistant. Despite being 0.1mm thick, the ICHECKEY lens protector has been chemically strengthened at a molecular level to withstand high impact and this is why it deserves a spot on our list. We should also note that anyone can install the lens protector because it features a bubble-free installation setup.
Price: $25 with Free Shipping
Purchase it from Amazon


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