The Best Galaxy S10 Plus Accessories Available in 2019 on Amazon

Samsung is the world’s most successful smartphone manufacturer and there is a good reason behind that. The South Korean based tech giant is always equipping its latest smartphones with the most powerful hardware parts and innovative technology available on the market and therefore, Samsung’s flagships are always best sellers. With that being said, the smartphone which currently holds the title of being Samsung’s flagship in 2019 is none other than Galaxy S10 Plus.

Galaxy S10 Plus is a top of the line smartphone that delivers incredible performances and a sleek design which features a massive full-screen display that doesn’t ship with an annoying top-notch like Apple’s iPhones do. Nonetheless, we know that picking the right accessories for your smartphone can be a difficult task since there are so many to choose from and this why today we want to present a handful of accessories that will help unlock the full potential of Galaxy S10 Plus. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Top Five Galaxy S10 Plus Accessories

#1 Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

The first accessory for Galaxy S10 Plus that we want to present is the wireless charger made by EloBeth. We believe that all smartphone power users should consider getting a wireless charger because this accessory is a game changer. If you place the wireless charger on your nightstand or your office, then you will never have to worry about running out of battery ever again.

The great thing about this wireless charger is the fact that it’s a 2-in-1. This means that the wireless charger can be used to fill up the battery of Galaxy S10 Plus, or any other smartphone for that matter, alongside a smartwatch such as Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch. In addition, the folks at EloBeth are so confident in the performances of the wireless charger that they are offering a 12-month warranty program.
Price: $25.45
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#2 Extra Safe Case

 Extra Safe Case

One of the best things about Galaxy S10 Plus is the fact that the smartphone is equipped with a spectacular design. On the downside of things, this is also why most Galaxy S10 Plus users don’t want to place a case on the device because it will take away from its beauty. However, this is a small price to pay because the additional protection that an extra safe case such as the one made by OtterBox (featured in the image above) is a “must have”.

This is a 2-piece case which has been specially designed to protect the Galaxy S10 Plus from drops, bumps and shocks. A cool feature that this case has to offer is the fact that all the smartphone’s ports are covered in order to block all dust and other debris from infiltrating. Last but not least, OtterBox is offering a limited lifetime warranty program.
Price: $31.90
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#3 Special Screen Protect

Special Screen Protect

We understand that some Galaxy S10 Plus might be willing to take the risk of cracking the display or scratching the edges if it means avoiding placing a sturdy case on the smartphone and this is why on our third spot on the list, we want to introduce the Fibevon screen protectors which have been specially designed for Galaxy S10 Plus.

This is a 2-pack Galaxy S10 Plus screen protector package that features 3D curved technology. Not just that, but the screen protectors have also been tweaked out in order to support the innovative and highly useful in-screen fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S10 Plus. We also want to note that the screen protectors are ultra HD clear, amazingly thin measuring in at 0.3mm and that they scratch resistant.
Price: $16.99
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#4 Car Charging Mount

Car Charging Mount

If you are the type of person who enjoys driving or is required to travel a lot with work, then the wireless car charging mount made by Encased is the perfect accessory for you. This accessory has been specially designed for Galaxy S10 Plus and it uses Qi-technology which offers the fastest wireless charging speeds available for smartphones. What’s great about this wireless car charging mount is the fact that it is equipped with three point adjustability that makes it easier for Galaxy S10 Plus users to find just the right spot where to place their smartphone.

Furthermore, the design of Galaxy S10 Plus makes it possible for Galaxy S10 Plus users to insert or remove the smartphone from the grab-points with only one hand. This is great because as we all know, one hand always needs to stay on the wheel no matter what.
Price: $23.95
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#5 USB C to 4K HDMI Adapter

 USB C to 4K HDMI Adapter


The last accessory that we to present is made by the RREAKA and it’s a multifunctional USB C to 4K HDMI adapter. The adapter is super simple to use and Galaxy S10 Plus users are not required to install any third-party software or app in order to use it. The only thing that Galaxy S10 Plus users are required to do is to plug in the cable.

Moreover, the adapter supports the following ports USB 3.0, 4k HMDI, SD & TF card readers and PD charging port. A cool use for the adapter to hook up a Nintendo Switch Dock or Samsung Dex Station to the Galaxy S10 Plus. Therefore, the adapter can basically turn the user experience and features offered by Galaxy S10 Plus into a PC or tablet like experience. However, the best thing about the adapter is that it can be used in order to stream sports events, gaming shows, watch movies and many more other entertaining channels directly to a TV.
Price: $28.99
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