The Best iPhone 11 Wireless Chargers in 2019 – Never Run Out Of Battery Again!

Did you recently purchase one of Apple’s latest iPhones? If that is the case, then the next item on your shopping list should be a wireless charger. The wireless charger is more than a simple accessory, it’s a life-changing device that will make it much easier for you to ensure that your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max always has its battery charged to the max.

Since Apple is one of the world’s biggest tech companies, then it should come as no surprise that numerous third-party manufacturers have made it their top priority to create premium wireless chargers for iPhones. This can be overwhelming for people who are not familiar with the latest technology advancements and this is why today we are going to present the top six wireless chargers for iPhones in 2019.

The Top Six Best Wireless Chargers for iPhones

#1 Trios


We are going to kick things off with the premium wireless charger sold by TRIOS. As we can tell from the image featured above, this is a 3-in-1 wireless charger that is the ideal accessory for iPhone fans who own multiple devices sold by Apple. You can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and wireless earbuds at the same time!

A really cool feature that makes the wireless charger stand out is the double coil design. Thanks to this feature, you can charge the iPhone horizontally or vertically which means that you can still use the device to watch videos, read the latest news, play mobile games and much more while it is charging.
Price: $34.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Anker


Even though this might not be a 3-in-1 wireless charger as the accessory featured previously, this one comes at a much more affordable price tag and it is guaranteed to last for a long time. The reason behind this is that Anker is one of the most prolific makers that sell products on Amazon. Nonetheless, this wireless charger uses highly efficient components that are paired with an advanced chipset that makes it 10% faster than all other Qi-enabled wireless chargers from other companies.

The folks at Anker are saying that the wireless charger is certified safe. Therefore, the technology and design of the wireless charger eliminates all radiation and overheating risks that are usually associated with wireless chargers. Not just that, but the wireless charger also features overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection and much more.
Price: $21.99
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#3 Bestand


If you are looking for a wireless charger that will look great both on your nightstand and in your office where everyone can see it, then you can’t go wrong with the one manufactured by Bestand. This is a 2-in-1 wireless charger that is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, which obviously includes Apple’s latest iPhones and Apple Watch Serie.

The best thing about this wireless charger is the stylish design which makes it the perfect addition to any office. The wireless charger is made from high-quality aluminum which holds the iPhone or Apple Watch Series with elegance, durability and fashion. In addition, the cable cutout has been conveniently placed to avoid the cable from bending and braking.
Price: $29.98
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 Austech


We know that not everyone is willing to spend $30 on an iPhone accessory and this is why we want to introduce the Austech wireless charger on the fourth spot on our list. Despite being a much cheaper wireless charger, the Austech accessory still features the latest technology and it’s able to charge devices at 5W, 7.5W and the super-fast 10W mode. Another cool feature that this wireless charger has to offer is the design that is case-friendly. The strong power connection transmits charging power directly through cases, even rugged cases!

The folks at Austech are so confident in the performances of their product that they are offering a one-year warranty program. Therefore, you will never have to worry if the wireless charger starts malfunctioning for a period of 12 months because you can always send it to Austech and either get your full money back or a replacement.
Price: $19.97
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Iconflang


All of Apple’s iPhones are renowned for their sleek designs and this is we want to introduce the Iconflang wireless charger. Just like the latest iPhone 11 flagship, this wireless charger ships with a sleek design that will outstanding in your office or on your nightstand. The cool thing about this wireless charger is that it ships with exclusive multifunctional intelligent protect technology that provides temperature control, surge protection and short-circuit preventions.

The temperature control system of this wireless charger has been specially designed to ensure cooler but more efficient charging to iPhones. We also want to note the fact that the wireless charger from Inconflang is sleep-friendly. Your sleep is not going to be disturbed by things such as annoying beeps, clicks or any other electrical noise.
Price: $16.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#6 Zealsound for Multiple Devices

Zealsound for Multiple Devices

Do you own more than one iPhone? Or are you looking for a wireless charger that is going to make it easier for your entire family to charge their iPhones at the same time? If that is the case, then you don’t need to look any further than the Zealsound wireless charger that has been designed to support multiple devices.

You will be able to charge up to three smartphones (not only iPhones) simultaneously at the standard 5W speed. A fun fact about the 5W charging speed is that it will help prolong the overall battery of any iPhone. On the downside of things, the folks at Zealsound are disclaiming that the wireless charger will not function properly through metal or any other cases that are thicker than 4mm.
Price: $34.98
Purchase it from Amazon

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