The Best Mac Accessories on Amazon

Ever since the first iPhone was launched, people have forgotten that Apple was a computer manufacturer first! The first product that Apple launched was the famed Macintosh which was renowned for being ahead of its time. However, as time went on, Apple got better and now we have the current gen Mac computers which feature impressive hardware performances that are coupled with a premium user experience.

The Best Mac Accessories on Amazon

Despite being some of the most powerful computers that people can get, the performances of Macs can always get even better with the help of third-party accessories. Every Apple fan knows that the way to unlock the true potential of an iOS, macOS or watchOS device is through accessories. Therefore, today we are going to present the best Mac accessories that can be found on Amazon!

#1 LENTION 4-in-1 Adaptor

LENTION 4-in-1 Adaptor

The most annoying thing about using one of Apple’s Mac computers is not having enough ports. Apple tried to innovate the tech world by introducing the Lighting ports, but this is not what happened. Instead of forcing the entire tech industry to follow the trend started by Apple, the Cupertino based tech giant did nothing else other than to limit the range of devices that a Mac can connect to. Fortunately, this entire issue can be avoided by getting a 4-in-1 adaptor from LENTION.

This adaptor features a USB-C Hub that is equipped with the following ports: USB Type-C, USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0. The great thing about this adaptor is that the USB Type-C port can transfer that at speeds of up to 5Gbp/s. To make things even better, the adaptor can also be used to charge a Mac device up to 6W while transferring data at the same time.
Price: $19.98
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#2 Zendure Portable Charger

 Zendure Portable Charger

Don’t you hate it when your Mac runs out of power? Even though Macs are equipped with large batteries, they can still run out if the Macs are being used for heavy-duty tasks such as rendering videos for example. Therefore, getting a portable charger is one of the best choices that a Mac user can make.

The portable charger from Zendure features 45W USB-C power delivery output and it can even be used to charge an iPhone. This makes the portable charger a “must-have” accessory for all Apple fans who hate running out of battery charge.
Price: $59.99
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#3 Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve

Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve

One of the best things about Macs is the way they look. Apple always does a great job when designing new products and the latest 2018 Mac is the perfect example of that. However, the sleek design of Macs also makes the devices easier to get scratches on their corners. With that said, Mac users who carry it everywhere they go need to consider getting a protective sleeve.

The laptop sleeve from Tomtoc features an affordable price of $19,99 and it is compatible with the 2018 MacBook Air or any other 13-inches laptops. The laptop sleeve is equipped with 360-degree protective soft fluffy padding interior that makes it impossible for the Mac to get any scratches on its thin cover. In addition, the laptop sleeve ships with a small front pocket that can be used to store other accessories such as an iPhone or an iPad.
Price: $19.99
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#4 Samsung T5 Portable SSD

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

Even though Samsung might be Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung still creates high-end accessories that can be used on Macs. The Samsung T5 Portable SSD features a storage space of 250GB and it can be connected via USB Type-C port. The cool thing about this external SSD is the fact that it’s so small that it will fit in the palm of your hand. In fact, the external SSD measures in at 2.91 x 2.26 x 0.41 inches.

The last thing that we want to mention about this accessory is that Samsung has equipped with an optional password protection system that features AES 256-bit hardware encryption, thus making it the perfect place to store important documents.
Price: $89.98
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#5 TeckNet Cooling Pad (12-15 inches)

TeckNet Cooling Pad (12-15 inches)

If you ever feel like your Mac is heating up, then you should get a cooling pad. Premium cooling pads such as the one created by TeckNet will greatly improve the performance of any Mac’s CPU because it helps it cool down. This cooling pad can fit any device that measures in at 12 to 15 inches and it features a USB port. What’s great about the cooling pad from TeckNet is the fact that it is equipped with two 110mm fans that don’t make too much noise.

In addition, the TeckNet cooling pad is portable and lightweight. Not just that, but it also comes with an LED indicator equipped on the rear side that makes it easier for people to see when the cooling pad is turned on or not.
Price: $22.99
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#6 DecalPro Designs Iron Man Vinyl

As we previously mentioned, Apple did a great job when it designed the latest generation of Macs. However, people can always make their Mac look cooler and be more unique by using an Iron Man decal vinyl sticker such as the one featured in the picture above. This sticker is designed for Macs that measure in at 13-inches and the palm of Iron Man will be lit whenever the mac is turned on. Now, this is the perfect gift that you can get to someone who is both an Apple and a Marvel Universe fan.
Price: $7.99
Purchase it from Amazon

Final Words

These are our top six accessories for Macs. We made sure to pick and choose the best ones from Amazon so that you won’t have to! We should also note that all of these accessories are affordable and that they won’t put a dent that is too big into your wallet. Nonetheless, the one thing that these top six accessories have in common is that all of them are made from premium materials and they won’t break too soon.

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