Music plays a huge role in any form of communication; after all, music is the very soul of our culture.

This quote is taken from Piyush Pandey’s autobiographical book PANDEYMONIUM. He is undoubtedly talking about Indian culture, which prevails upon South Asia. However, the fact is (and it is known to Mr. Pandey too) that music is the soul of every culture.

Advertising is a brilliant mix of art, commerce and science. Art in crafting the ad; commerce in selling the product; and science lies in the research associated with brands and consumers. While crafting TV commercials, creative directors underline the need to infuse soulful music to make the communication more impactful and memorable.

The Magic of Music in Indian Advertising

In this information, we will discuss some of the most creative TV commercials made by Ogilvy & Mather, India. There can be one or two odd one out; but primarily, this list is dominated by O&M, India, which is headed by Piyush Pandey.


In the early eighties, jingles ruled the roost; this probably because the fact that advertising was largely influenced by radio, a medium consumed by ears and not by eyes. Creative directors believed that jingles would convey the message effectively. But they created jingles only and there was no music in those TVCs. In those days, it was mandatory to take the brand name frequently in the jingles as if this was written in advertising Gospel. That Nirma campaign was a perfect example of how the brand name was forcefully injected in the popular jingle, “Nirma, washing powder Nirma”.

A revolution was in store for Indian advertising. One TVC shattered all stereotypes in the advertising and it was made for Cadbury. Suresh Mullick, who was national creative director at O&M, created “Sometimes Cadbury can say it better than words”. Usha Uthup gave her voice to immortalize the TVC.

The TVC (unfortunately, I don’t have video; somebody please help) made it clear that music and song in any good TV commercial are to “entertain, touch and involve the listener”.

After the Cadbury ad, there was no looking back for O&M, which was roped in to promote National Literacy Mission. The TVC had a music composed by renowned Hindi film singer Suresh Wadkar. The song was originally created for Unilever to use only for internal audience. Perhaps therefore, Unilever happily agreed and gave permission to use the song.

Take a look at some more examples of TV commercials, which are etched in the minds of Indians.

Mile sur mera tumhara…

Tan ki shakti, mann ki shakti Bournvita

Liril Freshness Soap

Har ek friend zaroori hota hai

Aap close-up kyon nahi karte hai

You and I in this beautiful world


Tandurasti ki raksha karta hai lifebuoy

Fortune Cooking Oil

MP Ajab hai

Music should be seen and listened to in any good TVC. Remember that TV is an audio-visual medium and people like to consume soulful music and stunning visuals.

I made efforts to include all good TVCs; I appreciate if you could suggest a TVC that can be added to this list. Send in your comments and share your feedback on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.


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