These iOS 13 Features Are Incredible!

The next major update for iPhones, iPads and iPods is already being developed by Apple. Even though the Cupertino based tech giant has yet to announce any exciting news about the upcoming operating system update, we can be sure that Apple is currently adding the finishing touches to iOS 13 since the update is scheduled to launch in September.

September is not that far away and Apple always launches its biggest operating system update of the year during this month. We think it is safe to say that Apple is going to stick with this tradition because not releasing iOS 13 in September wouldn’t do anything else other than to disappoint iPhone, iPad and iPod users. Nonetheless, today we are going to take a look at the most exciting features that iOS 13 is going to introduce so that we can get a good idea of what to expect.

The Year’s Biggest Operating System Update

As previously noted, iOS 13 is the biggest operating system update that Apple releases in 2019. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that iOS 13 is going to be packed with a plethora of features and software optimization tweaks that take performances of iPhones, iPads and iPods to the next-level.

The most exciting thing about iOS 13 is the fact that it will also introduce Apple’s newly announced subscription services called Apple News+, Apple Arcade and Apple TV Channels. With that being said, let’s see which are the best features that iOS 13 is going to introduce in September.

#1 Dynamic Wallpaper

Dynamic Wallpaper in iOS 13

We want to start things off with a feature that all iPhone, iPad and iPod users are going to love! The feature is called dynamic wallpaper and Apple’s macOS Mojave has already introduced it under the name of “Dynamic Desktop”. What makes this feature stand out and worthy of being on the number one spot on our list is the fact that the wallpaper of the iOS powered device will change all throughout the day, thus providing a dynamic user experience.

#2 Dark Mode

 Dark Mode in iOS 13

If you ask Apple fans on the community forums what is the feature that they desire the most, they will more than certainly answer with a system-wide Dark Mode. This special mode looks amazing but it also brings many other benefits such as lowering the overall battery consumption of certain apps. Not just that, but having a system-wide Dark Mod will make it easier for Apple fans to open their iOS powered devices late at night without having their eyes blasted by the maxed out resolution of the home screen.

#3 Improved Multitasking

Improved Multitasking in iOS 13

iPhones are amazing and there is no doubt about that. However, iPhones are not that stellar when it comes to multitasking and as much as Apple fans might want to side with the iPhone maker on this one, the Cupertino based tech giant really needs to improve the multitasking features of its iOS powered devices. The picture featured above shows us a mockup of what a multitasking center for iPhones would look like and we hope that Apple’s developers see this and decide to introduce this feature in iOS 13.

Another reason why Apple is going to introduce additional multitasking features is because the company’s rival, Samsung, is already offering a bunch of multitasking-focused features on its flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 and Apple’s iPhones are being left behind.

#4 Redesigned Volume Control

Redesigned Volume Control in iOS 13

We believe that everyone who has ever used an iPhone or iPad will agree on the fact that the volume control of iPhones is poorly designed. Every time the iPhone or iPad user taps on the physical volume up/down buttons, a huge square appears in the middle of the UI (User Interface) and the content behind the square is not visible anymore.

Apple fans have been pleading the developers to change this poor for a long time and therefore, we expect that iOS 13 will introduce a cleaner volume control similar to the one which can be seen in the picture featured above.

#5 Handoff + Keynote

 Handoff + Keynote in iOS 13

Another cool feature that iOS 13 is expected to introduce is called Handoff + Keynote. This feature is designed for people who need to make presentations at their workplace or at school and the feature synchronizes the iPhone with a Mac, iPad or Apple TV in order to make it easier for users to control their presentation.

This might not be a groundbreaking feature that will get people to buy new iPhones, but we have to agree that it’s quite nice to have. You never know when you might need to make a presentation for a school project and having the Handoff + Keynote feature at the touch of your fingerprints will prove to be quite useful.

#6 Offline Maps

Offline Maps in iOS 13

Hands down, the most useful feature that Apple needs to introduce in iOS 13 is the ability to use the Maps while offline. Thousands of people use the Maps in order to find their way around the country and not being able to access the Maps while offline can be quite annoying, especially when you get lost in a new city and you don’t have any mobile data left on your cellphone plan. Not only that but being able to use the Maps feature while offline is also going to help people avoid getting lost while driving cross country and this is going to make iPhones much safer.

#7 New Emojis

New Emoji in iOS 13

Considering the fact that people love to use emojis because they are funny and also because they make it easier for everyone to express themselves, it should come as no surprise that Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 13 is expected to introduce at least a dozen of new emoji such as the ones featured in the image above.

#8 Improved Emoji Search

Improved Emoji Search in iOS 13

Since we previously talked about new emojis that iOS 13 will bring, we also want to express our desire for Apple to announce an improved emoji search. Finding the right emoji for your texts requires a little bit of work in the current mobile operating system and Apple might want to make it easier by introducing an improved emoji search.

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