If you are one of those people whose profession requires regular business trips for meetings, then traveling without your spouse can at times become too lonely. On the other hand, your spouse may also feel bored throughout the time of your travel and probably will share your loneliness. So, taking your spouse on your business trip sounds like a simple solution, benefitting both of you. You will have your loved significant other for company making you feel relaxed, despite working, and your spouse will feel excited to share a new experience with you. Though it sounds simple, there are potential drawbacks to this plan.

If your trip demands working long hours, you need to make sure that your partner is alright with visiting out and dining alone during those times. If your business or work lets you bring your partner to official dinners and parties, you also should ensure that your spouse feels comfortable in socializing in a crowd. It is always better to have clear communication with your spouse and arrive at a common ground with respect to each other’s expectations. If you both can work out these things, then you can surely have a wonderful time while saving money at the same time.

Things to Plan When Taking Your Spouse on a Business Trip

Let’s look at some of the important points to consider when bringing a spouse on a business trip.

Expectations and Communication

Expectations and Communication

It is natural for both of you to expect some memorable moments from the trip together. However, it is absolutely essential to understand what each other’s expectations are and to ground them in reality. This can only be achieved through open and clear communication. Your spouse has to remember that this is first and foremost a business trip for you and therefore, boundaries will always be involved.

Hence, there will be some hours of being apart and your spouse should be prepared for that mentally. The time together can be enjoyed as best possible by both of you while working around these limitations. You should encourage your spouse to explore alone, roaming around the city where you are traveling to and maybe even try eating out alone while you are away in meetings.

This way he or she can gather new experiences to share with you while not being left out. Always plan for some ‘together’ time at the end of the day. This way you can have fun, making memories of the trip, while exchanging the day’s experience with each other.

Flexibility and Adjustment

Flexibility and Adjustment

Like with any healthy marriage or relationship in today’s day and age, flexibility on both yours and your spouse’s part can help make the most out of the business trip while adhering to the present limitations.

Oftentimes the pace of the travel might be too much for your spouse like for instance he or she may feel traveling 3 to 4 cities within a couple of days as extremely tedious. If you have a way to travel on a better suited schedule, then opt for that. Always adjust to the privacy and preferences of each other.

If your partner gets up a bit later in the morning, then make sure that this preference does not get interfered just because you have an early morning business meeting.

Just like your spouse needs to adjust to your routine, you also need to remember that this is a new experience for your partner and as a result, you have to be flexible towards him or her and let them find their way at their own pace.

Making the Trip Special

Making Trip Special

Since you are more adept at business trips, take it upon yourself to plan a special surprise for your spouse on the trip. Maybe it’s a concert ticket or a fancy dinner just for the two of you or some adventure sport where you can participate together.

You know your partner’s taste the best and make use of that knowledge to pleasantly surprise him or her. These little acts of affection can help create wonderful moments for you both and also forms beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to spend some money and get a thing or two from that place, a thing that you may not ordinarily buy either for your spouse or for both of you together. Such moments can simply fill you both with joy.

Social Events and Support

Social Events and Support

One of the most important aspects of a business trip is the presence of social gatherings and business parties. If you are traveling with your spouse, then a social event can test out your plan for this trip together.

If your spouse does not generally attend social functions and has a naturally reserved personality, then you need to stay close to him or her rather than focusing on new contacts or impressing clients. If your spouse is OK with you attending the event alone, then make sure that he or she has some proper plan to do with their time and that they won’t feel too bored.

A spouse can be a great sounding board especially if you often discuss your work with him or her. Being on a business trip, you can rehearse your presentations or meeting talks with your spouse and also gather his or her inputs on them. This can be a real boon during business trip meetings.

Relax and Enjoy

Relax and Enjoy

When all is said and done, it is yours and your spouse’s personal comfort with each other that will decide the outcome. So make sure both of you are relaxed while deciding on the trip, planning for the trip and finally when taking the business trip.

Don’t over complicate things, instead just take the trip as it comes and explore together whenever your schedule permits you to. Always take the opportunity to amuse yourself and your spouse during those silent moments together like a long cab ride or tour bus ride.

Just live the moment with your partner fully and the purpose of the trip will be fulfilled, despite the limitations imposed by the business part of the trip. After all, it is the feeling of being together and having each other’s presence that matters the most.

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