I remember that one particular food that I always craved for; something that I can’t resist eating. My mouth waters just the thought of it.

Well, snapchat has done pretty much the same thing. There is no denying that it has taken the internet world by storm. People can’t get enough of it, posting recent updates of their life for the whole world to see. It is every netizen’s word of mouth recently. Many people are addicted to this internet image messaging software. Even businesses have yielded to the notion of utilizing this platform in promoting their business.

Snapchat marketing is the newest online business strategy that you shouldn’t miss. In a world where people can be easily persuaded with visual content and interesting tag lines and descriptions, snapchat is one of the leading platforms to do that. Since it was launched last 2011, snapchat has now garnered an estimated 100 million active users daily! If you haven’t used snapchat to promote you business yet, then you are clearly slacking off in marketing strategies.

Start using snapchat now, and follow these tips on how to successfully grow your business using this platform.

Tips to Promote your Business on Snapchat

Specialized, Personalized, and Customized Content

People are naturally curious. Work on their curiosity to engage them more in your business. People like to get some inside scoops about things. Snapchat could be your tool to give your potential clients some glimpses of what is going on in your business. Give them some personalized updates, something they can’t possibly know in your other social media accounts. By specializing and customizing your content, there is no doubt you can get snapchat followers in no time.

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Snapchat is Podcasting with a Twist

You only have less than a minute to get your viewers attention, so use it wisely. Some people get discouraged from using snapchat in their business for the reason that the contents vanish quickly; however, in reality, this is considered strength as most people would just scroll down through the content fast. Using a lengthy content is never a wise idea.

Podcasting in snapchat is like giving compelling updates in a short time. Since more senses are used while watching your podcast, your viewers can absorb the content quickly.

Easy Branding Through Snapchat Story

Snapchat is like an electronic book about your daily activities, only it is done in a way that resembles movie clips. Consider this as a way of giving behind-the-scene updates, interviews, and future plans that your business is up to.

While creating your snapchat story, be sure to use stories that involve your brand. You also have to incorporate your brand’s logo and signature color scheme.

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Cars Are not the Only Ones that Takeover; Snapchat Does it Too!

Have you heard of snapchat takeover? This is a snapchat marketing strategy that most businesses do to boost their brand. By tapping into some influencers to takeover your snapchat for a certain time, it makes your stories more realistic and less promotional. It gives more authenticity vibe to your posts.

Giveaways and Other Perks Are Never Outdated.

Rewarding your audience is an all time favorite trick to get snapchat followers. I mean, who wouldn’t want some freebies and giveaways? Asking your audience to participate in your snapchat contest is far more engaging than just merely posting about it through words. Be sure to reply to them individually and create more interaction.

Many people agree that using snapchat to build anticipation for freebies is an effective strategy to gain more followers.

Obsessed with #Hashtags? Snapchat Got it too!

A lot of snapchat users are obsessed with hashtags; that is because it is quite easy to use, search, and share. Make your snapchat contents gain additional traction through using the right hashtags. Other snapchat users would find your brand quickly especially when it is trending.

Fast Talk in Snapchat

Strong interaction is a well-known element for social media success. The more you engage your audience, the more they will be hooked to your snapchat content.

You can organize a Q & A and ask your audience random questions while incorporating your brand subtly. You can also do it vice versa, and ask your followers to ask you questions instead.

Why wait that long to get results? Follow these steps and grow your business fast.



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