Top 10 iPhone XS Max Cases Available – Military Grade Protection and Beautiful Designs

The last year was a good one for Apple fans. The Cupertino based tech giant launched three amazing iPhones with the best one out of them all being iPhone XS Max. This flagship device features a stellar design that is paired with a massive 6.5-inches Super AMOLED display which offers a pixel resolution of 1242 x 2688p. While the big display might be nice to have because it offers a premium video watching experience, it does come with its fair share of problems. The bigger the display is, the easier it is to scratch or break it. Here is where special iPhone XS Max cases come in and save the day.

As all Apple fans already know by now, repairing or fixing a broken iPhone display is quite expensive. This is why we always advise all iPhone users to buy a strong case that will keep their precious device safe at all times. With that said, today we have gathered the top ten iPhone XS Max cases available on Amazon and we are going to present them right now.

Top 10 iPhone XS Max Cases

#1 Rubik

Rubik iPhone XS Max Case

Most Apple fans avoid using a case for their iPhone because it ends up taking away from the device’s beauty. Luckily, this isn’t a problem for iPhone users who decide to purchase the case made by Rubik. This case is scratch resistant and it features clear HD tempered glass which will protect iPhone XS Max’s display from damage.
Price: $9.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 OtterBox

OtterBox iPhone XS Max Case

OtterBox is an accessory maker that is renowned for creating premium products for Apple’s iPhones. The OtterBox case offers protection against shock which means that iPhone XS Max’s display will not crack at the first drop. In fact, the folks at OtterBox are so confident in their accessory that they are offering a lifetime warranty.
Price: $17.47
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 i-Blason

i-Blason iPhone XS Max Case

Some people enjoy simple designs while others want something a little bit more fancy for their iPhone XS Max and here is where the i-Blason case comes. This is a full body glitter bumper case for iPhone XS Max and it offers a unique design that is definitely going to make your iPhone XS Max stand out from the rest. In addition, the back cover is fingerprint resistant.
Price: $18.98
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 Spigen

Spigen iPhone XS Max Case

When it comes to Apple accessories, Spigen is renowned for being one of the best. This rugged iPhone XS Max case features a timeless look that is paired with carbon fiber and glossy detailing. Furthermore, the case offers military grade protection alongside Air Cushion technology which keeps the iPhone’s rounded corners safe.
Price: $12.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Lontect

Lontect iPhone XS Max Case

The Lontect case for iPhone XS Max is a piece of art. The floral design and blue background look amazing and there is no doubt that. To make things even better, the beautiful design is not the best thing about this case. What makes the Lontect case stand out is the full degree of protection that it offers by covering all four corners and raised edges of iPhone XS Max.
Price: $10.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#6 X-Doria

X-Doria iPhone XS Max Case

If you are looking for a case that looks amazing and also increases the protection of your iPhone XS Max, then you can’t go wrong with the X-Doria Defense Shield Series. This case offers military grade protection and it features anodized aluminum, TPU and polycarbonate materials. In additions, this case features an integrated front facing audio channel that amplifies and enhances the audio output of iPhone XS Max.
Price: $29.95
Purchase it from Amazon


KACHEN iPhone XS Max Case

As we can see in the picture featured up above, the KACHEN case for iPhone XS Max features a ring grip that can be used as a kickstand. Obviously, this case features dual-layer shock absorption and it’s back panel is anti scratch resistant. Moreover, the case comes with a metal plate at the back which can be used by users who have a magnet-vehicle stand.
Price: $8.99
Purchase it from Amazon


iPhone XS Max Case SUPCASE

This special case is called the “Unicorn Beetle Pro Series” and its multi-layered TPU and Polycarbonate materials make it resistant to drops from up to 20 feet. The case also ships with a built-in screen protector and the holster can be rotated to enhance the user experience. Not only that, but the holster can also be removed or used as a kickstand.
Price: $11.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#9 Zizo

ZIZO iPhone XS Max Case

This case offers a combination of spectacular design and high-end protection. The Zizo case offers military grade protection and the beautiful design is available in ten different color variation. The built-in kickstand is also a nice feature of the case because it makes it easier and more enjoyable for iPhone XS Max users to watch videos.
Price: $17.99
Purchase it from Amazon


LOHASIC iPhone XS Max Case

If you define your style as classic, then the LOHASIC case is exactly what your iPhone XS Max needs.  This case features premium classic PU leather that feels great to the touch. The leather is also combined with a gold electroplated bumper design that gives it a classic look. We should also mention that the LOHASIC case offers a comfortable hand grip thanks to the full back soft leather design. Lastly, the case is available in five color models.
Price: $16.99
Purchase it from Amazon

Final Words

iPhone XS Max is an expensive smartphone and paying a couple of extra bucks for a case is going to be worth it. Using a case from our top ten list will help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars in order to repair a scratched or cracked display. Not only that, but these cases will also make your iPhone XS Max look better.

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