Apple’s laptops which are sold under the MacBook brand are renowned for their powerful hardware specs and beautiful designs. However, truth be told their full potential can only be unlocked when the laptops are paired with the right accessories. Although, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since Apple has made a fortune by selling accessories that enable features that their devices should feature out of the box such as support for multiple Lighting ports. This is why Apple fans are more than often required to purchase dongles.

Nonetheless, today we want to show everyone the best accessories for MacBook that Apple fans can find on Amazon. The rule of thumb when making this list of top five MacBook accessories has been to make sure that all accessories are of premium quality and that they bring powerful features which Apple fans are going to love. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top Five MacBook Accessories

#1 The PlugBug Duo

The PlugBug Duo

The PlugBug Duo is hands down one of the most useful accessories that MacBook users can purchase. This accessory is basically an all-in-one charger for MacBook and it also supports two additional USB powered devices such as an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch for example. What makes this accessory worthy of being featured on the number one spot on our list is the fact that it works with Apple MagSafe + USB-C power adapters and any other USB charging cables.
Price: $34.11
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#2 Classic Sleeve


One of the best things about MacBooks is the fact that their slim and beautiful design makes it easy for the users to carry them everywhere, thus making it possible for them to take care of work tasks wherever they might be. However, all Apple fans should make sure to never take their MacBook laptop out in the wild without getting some protection for it because you can never know what might happen and dropping a MacBook on the hard concrete is never going to have a good outcome. This is why we are advising all MacBook users to check out the Classic Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13-inch that is made by Incase Designs. The sleeve is made from 100% nylon with ariaprene and it supports Thunderbolt USB-C charging technology.
Price: $34.95
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#3 External Battery

External Battery

Is there anything worse other than running out of battery on your MacBook right in the middle of finishing up a work or school project? The worst thing about this is that it can happen anywhere, including in places where there are no outlets that can be used in order to charge the laptop and this is why the Mophie Powerstation makes an appearance on our list. This is a versatile external battery that features an AC adapter and up to 100W of power that can charge a MacBook laptop or any other types of mobile devices in record speeds.

The external battery features USB-C input/output and it charges devices at 30W. In addition, the total capacity of the external battery is 22,000 mAh and the battery features a variety of safety features that will help the MacBook avoid short circuits and overheating.
Price: $199.95
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#4 Logitech Keyboard

Logitech Keyboard

As we have previously mentioned, one of the best advantages that using a MacBook brings is the fact that users can get work done wherever they are. This is why we want to present the Logitech K750 wireless keyboard because what better way to improve your work productivity other than to use premium peripherals?

Logitech is one of the world’s best tech companies this is why no one should be surprised by the fact that this wireless keyboard is solar-powered. Yes, you read that right! The battery of the wireless keyboard can be charged with solar power which makes it the ideal accessory for people who love to take their MacBook outdoors. In addition, the wireless keyboard features an ultra-thin design that makes it look great in any office space.

The position of the keys on the Logitech wireless keyboard have been specially designed to feature the familiar Mac layout and not just that, but typing on this wireless keyboard feels good thanks to the concave key cap design that will improve the typing speed of anyone.
Price: $54.88
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#5 Acer Monitor

Acer Monitor

If you ever feel like your MacBook is not good enough in order to watch movies, TV shows or to work in general, then a large monitor might be what you are missing. We know that this accessory is quite expensive, but we assure you that it is definitely worth its money. The folks at Acer have created a premium 27-inch monitor that features USB-C 3.1, HDMI (v.20) and one standard display port connectivity options.

What makes this monitor stand out from all the other ones available on Amazon is the fact that it uses IPS WQDH widescreen technology which puts out a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440. To top it all off, the Acer monitor features a refresh rate of 60Hz and an impressive response time of 4ms.
Price: $437.54
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