Top 5 Huawei Nova 7i Accessories

Huawei has taken the smartphone industry by storm during the past couple of years and there is no doubt about that. The Chinese tech giant is now ranked as the world’s second-biggest smartphone manufacturer, sitting right behind Samsung and ahead of Apple. Although, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since Huawei has been constantly launching premium smartphones and Nova 7i is the perfect example of that.

Huawei Nova 7i is a powerful smartphone that ships with a 6.4-inches display. However, if you want to unlock its full potential, then you are required to pair the smartphone with a bundle of premium accessories that will take its performances to the next level. Here is where our tech expertise comes in. Today we are going to present you with the top 5 best Huawei Nova 7i Accessories in 2022.

Top 5 Best Huawei Nova 7i Accessories in 2022

#1 SCIMIN Hybrid Case

SCIMIN Hybrid Case

Nova 7i is equipped with one of the most amazing designs that Huawei has ever created and no one can deny that. The quad-camera setup looks sensational. On the downside of things, the massive display and camera bump makes it quite easy to damage the smartphone in case you drop it from your hand. As we all know, this can happen to the best of us. Fortunately, there are special cases that will keep your smartphone safe at all times.

The SCIMIN Hybrid case has been specially created for Nova 7i and what makes it stand out is the fact that it features a high-impact resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton. Therefore, you never have to worry about screen cracks or scratches. Another cool feature that we want to highlight is that the case ships with a portable flip-out stand that enables landscape viewing. This is one of the best Nova 7i accessories that you can get!
Price: $8.99
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#2 Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech Wireless Charger

If there is one accessory that is considered as a “must-have” on all smartphones, then it has to be a wireless charger. Using a wireless charger will set you free. The reason why we are saying that is because you will no longer have to pay attention to your battery level and just keep it topped up at all times. Here is where the Yootech wireless charger comes in and saves the day.

Yootech is a leader in the smartphone accessory industry and it has managed to establish its brand as a household name by launching affordable products that deliver outstanding performances. The Yootech wireless charger featured in the picture above is not an exception to that rule. Furthermore, the charger is available with three charging modes: starting at 7.5W and going up to 10W for smartphones that support fast charging such as Nova 7i.
Price: $24.99
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#3 Screen Protector

Screen Protector

Since Nova 7i is equipped with such a beautiful design, we understand that you might not want to cover it with a rugged case. However, we still advise you to consider using screen protectors. The massive 6.4-inches display will crack easily if dropped on hard concrete and paying for the repairs is surely not going to be cheap. The screen protectors are affordable and you will not even notice them!

The reason why we have picked the screen protectors from SCIMIN is that they are made of real tempered glass. Therefore, your screen will be fully protected from shattering. The tempered glass features a hardness of 9H. The hardness is just below diamonds that feature 10H. Now, this is impressive! In addition, the screen protectors are oleo-phobic coated to prevent excessive fingerprints and oil stains.
Price: $39.98
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#4 Mpow M30 Wireless Earbuds

Mpow M30 Wireless Earbuds

Don’t you just hate it when you have to untangle your headphones every time that you take them out from your pocket? The Mpow M30 Wireless Earbuds are here to save the day. These earbuds use an advanced chipset that gives you a fantastic immersive sound experience. Despite their small size, the Mpow M30 Wireless Earbuds have an impressive bass output.

The unique ear-fin design makes sure that you can wear the earbuds for long sessions without feeling any discomfort. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, you should know that the manufacturers have made the earbuds IPX7 waterproof. This means that you can wear the earbuds during any sports. You can even wear them in the pool!
Price: $9.99
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#5 VICSEED Easy Car Phone Mount

Nova 7i Accessories VICSEED Easy Car Phone Mount

Do you drive a lot? If that is the case, then getting a high-quality car phone mount is a decision that you are not going to regret. The VICSEED Easy Car Phone Mount is one of the most useful accessories that you can purchase for any smartphone. The accessory is equipped with a one-slide mechanism that makes allows you to mount or take out the smartphone in only a couple of seconds. The car phone mount is fixed on the car’s air vents so that you never have to worry about stability. You will also get a good view of the screen.

Since the driver needs to always pay attention to the road ahead, the manufacturers of this car phone mount have made sure to equip it with a 360-degree rotating ball that makes it possible to adjust the viewing angle. You will never have to take your eyes off the road when searching for Google Maps directions. Additionally, the VICSEED Easy Car Phone Mount is compatible with all smartphone models.
Price: $16.99
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