Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear Cases – Premium Protection That Looks Classy

Samsung is the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer and the way that Samsung managed to earn this title is by launching a plethora of high-end smartphones every year. Even though Samsung might launch tens of smartphones every couple of months, the Galaxy S series is Samsung’s most prized lineup. In fact, the latest Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s flagship in 2019 which means that it represents the best smartphone that Samsung has to offer this year. This is why Samsung invested lots of time and effort into creating the amazing looking full-screen design that Galaxy S10 offers.

What makes the full-screen design of Galaxy S10 so amazing is the fact that instead of shipping with a top-notch as Apple’s latest iPhones do, Galaxy S10 features a punch hole where the selfie camera is placed. This is a rather innovative design and combined with the powerful hardware specs that Galaxy S10 offers, the smartphone is worth a whopping $1,049.99. This is why we are advising all Galaxy S10 users to consider purchasing a case that can keep the device safe.

Top Clear Cases for Galaxy S10

The primary reason why smartphone users don’t want to place a case on their devices is that they make the devices look bulky and it ruins their design, this is especially true for Galaxy S10 which is super thin and features a full-screen design. Fortunately, here is where clear cases come in and provide smartphone users with an alternative. These cases don’t take away anything from the design of Galaxy S10 but they still take its protection to the next-level. Therefore, today we are going to present the best clear cases for Galaxy S10 that can be found on Amazon.

#1 Spigen

Spigen Case for Galaxy S10

What better way to kick things off other than with a case made by Spigen? This is one of the most renowned third-party accessory makers in the industry and its cases are famed for their hardness. As we can see in the picture featured above, Spigen has created a beautiful clear case for Galaxy S10 that ships with raised bezels that lift the screen and the camera off flat surfaces. This is a nice feature and its certainly going to increase the longevity of Galaxy S10’s massive display and camera lens.
Price: $11.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 ProCase

ProCase Case for Galaxy S10

The folks at ProCase have created a stunning Galaxy S10 case that is equipped with reinforced corners and resistant rugged cover. What makes this clear case stand out from all the others is the fact that it features double protection. This means that the case from ProCase is equipped with a combination of flexible TPU and shockproof TPE frame which brings dual protection against bumps and drops. To top it all off, this clear case also features an anti-scratch design thanks to the raised “lips” on both front and back.
Price: $8.96
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 ESR

If you are the type of person who enjoys watching entertaining videos or playing mobile games on your Galaxy S10, then you can’t go wrong with the ESR clear case. This clear doesn’t just look amazing and it enhances the overall protectivity of Galaxy S10, but it also ships with a metal kickstand that can be placed in various positions in order to make the Samsung flagship smartphone stand in horizontal and vertical modes, perfect for a video viewing experience.
Price: $18.99
Purchase it from Amazon


TOZO Case for Galaxy S10

We understand that the metal kickstand might be a little too much for some Galaxy S10 fans and this is why we wanted to present the TOZO clear case on our fourth spot. The folks at TOZO have created this clear case for people who enjoy simple designs that don’t take away from Galaxy S10’s beautiful display and glass back. In addition, the clear case is made from the highest quality TPU material which has been imported from Germany. Not just that, but the clear case also features high-grade TPU soft shell which is only 1.3mm thick.
Price: $12.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 OtterBox

OtterBox Case for Galaxy S10

The first thing that we want to mention about the clear case made by OtterBox is that it is a little bit more expensive than all the other clear cases presented on our list today. However, there is a good reason why this case is more expensive. The reason behind the bigger price is that the OtterBox clear case is made from dual-material construction which has been designed to absorb shock and withstand drops from large heights. Furthermore, the beveled edge has been raised in order to keep the touchscreen safe from drops. To top it all off, the folks at OtterBox are so confident in their performances of their case that they are offering a lifetime warranty.
Price: $43.30
Purchase it from Amazon

Final Words

There are two things that the clear cases which we have presented today have in common. The first thing is that they will all protect Galaxy S10 from all types of damage, including drops and the second quality that they share is that they all feature a crystal clear design which is not going to take anything away from the flashy design of Galaxy S10.

The last thing that we want to mention is that since Galaxy S10 is worth more than one thousand dollars, then spending a couple of dollars on a clear case is more than worth it because these simple cases will help Galaxy S10 users avoid having to pay hundreds of dollars for screen replacements.

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