Top 5 Tips for Apple Watch Series 5

Did you recently buy a new Apple Watch Series 5 and are looking for some tips on how to use the gadget to its full potential? If that is the case, then you are in luck!

We know that figuring out the hidden features takes time and most people don’t want to waste it fiddling with the settings panel.

That is why we have gathered the top 5 tips for Apple Watch Series 5. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.


Top 5 Tips for Apple Watch Series 5

#1 Track Sleep with Apple Watch

Track Sleep with Apple Watch

While Apple Watch Series 5 might be a fancy smartwatch, it does lack a feature that is considered essential. We are talking about sleep tracking.

On the bright side of things, there is a way to access this feature even though Watch Series 5 doesn’t have it built-in as other smartwatches do.

Pillow is one of the best sleep tracker apps available on iOS. However, there are many other alternatives that you can pick from.


#2 Wake Up with Your Last-Used App

Wake Up with Your Last-Used App

If you want the smartwatch to automatically show the interface of your last-app, then you should be pleased to know that there is a feature that makes this possible. Head over to Settings – General Wake Screen.

Now, scroll to the section called “On Screen Raise Show Last”. This feature will now make sure that your favorite app is there to welcome you when you check your wrist.


#3 Track All Your Workouts

Track All Your Workouts

One of the things that Watch Series 5 does best is to track your health and fitness abilities. To make things even better, this is all possible by using the built-in Workouts app that Apple specially developed for Watch Series 5.

Using the Workouts app, you will get instant access to information about your workouts such as calories burned, heartbeat, and how many steps you took.


#4 Detect a Fall

Detect a Fall

Another impressive feature that Watch Series 5 offers is the ability to detect a fall. While this feature might not seem that groundbreaking at first, it’s quite useful to have.

There are reports that show Watch Series 4 and 5 managed to save people’s lives by detecting when they fell and calling an ambulance for them.

Follow the next steps to enable Fall Detection: Open Watch app on iPhone – My Watch – enable the Emergency SOS option.


#5 Use Siri On Your Apple Watch

Use Siri On Your Apple Watch

Apple has kept on improving the performances and reliability of Siri for the last couple of years. Thanks to this, Siri is now one of the most powerful AI (artificial intelligence) assistants and you can use it on your Watch Series 5!

WatchOS 5 made it possible for Siri to use machine learning technology in order to provide users with more contextual information about their workouts, favorite songs, or any other type of information that the user requests.

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