Top 6 iPhone Games Available for Free – Never Get Bored Again!

iPhones are amazing devices that make people’s lives easier with all the features that they offer. However, the best thing about using an iOS powered device is the fact that you receive access to the App Store. This is one of the world’s biggest app libraries and the greatest thing about it is that it offers a plethora of fun games that iPhone or iPad fans can download and install in order to avoid ever getting bored again.

Since Apple is a massive company and iPhones are so popular, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that mobile game publishers always create iOS versions of their most popular titles. This is why iPhone fans will always get access to all the latest mobile games and their software updates. Nonetheless, we know that there’s nothing worse than getting bored and this is why for today we have decided to create a list with the top six best iOS games that you can download and play right now!

Top Six iOS Games

#1 Clash Royale

Clash Royale

What better way to start off other than with Clash Royale? This mobile game is developed by Supercell and it offers a fun gameplay experience that iPhone fans are not going to find anywhere else. The mobile game features dozens of cards that players can use in order to create strategies that will defeat their foes. Some of the most notable cards available in Clash Royale are called princesses, knights, archers and even baby dragons!

To make things even better, Clash Royale features a clans. This means that players can team up with their friends or strangers that they find on the internet and create clans which are the equivalent of guilds from other online games.

Download Clash Royale

#2 Fortnite


Does Fortnite even need an introduction? This is the most popular online game in the world and everyone is playing. Fortnite is so popular that it’s actually categorized as a global phenomenon and this speaks volumes about the performances that this mobile game offers. For those who are unfamiliar with Fortnite, this game is a Battle Royale where 100 players get thrown into an arena where they need to gather resources and take out their enemies as fast as possible.

One of the things that makes Fortnite stand out when compared to other Battle Royals is the fact that Fortnite lets players express their creativity and skill level by constructing structures. The ability to build and destroy in Fortnite is great because it basically makes it possible for players to shape the battlefield to their liking.

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#3 Hearthstone

We previously mentioned Clash Royale which is a card game, but now we have something even better. Hearthstone is developed by Blizzard and it’s the perfect mobile game for people who enjoy World of Warcraft lore. Since Blizzard is the company directly in charge of this mobile game, no one should be surprised to find out that Hearthstone is updated with new cards, content and even full-on expansions on a regular basis. In fact, a new expansion is schedule to launch during the upcomonig future.

We are advising iPhone fans who enjoy coming up with clever strategies to give Hearthstone a try. There are many ways to play this card game and the players who spend the most time theory crafting are always the most skilled ones. We also want to mention that Hearthstone has many quests which are introductory missions that help new players get a hang of the gameplay and what they need to know in order to start playing ranked games.

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#4 Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Do we even need to give Minecraft: Pocket Edition an introduction? This mobile game launched back in 2012 on iOS and it’s been trending on the “most played” charts ever since. Despite its low-end graphics, Minecraft: Pocket Edition offers an amazing gameplay experience and this is why the mobile game has managed to stand the test of time and it’s still being played seven years later since it was launched.

Even though it’s been a long while since Minecraft: Pocket Edition has received any new updates from Mojang, fans of the mobile game should be pleased to know that there are lots of third-party mods that introduce exciting features to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Therefore, you will never get bored if you install Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your iPhone.

Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition

#5 Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure

The previous mobile games that we presented on our list are created by big time developers but now, we have something special to show everyone. Alto’s Adventure is a really special mobile game gives players the chance to join Alto (the main character) and his friends on an adventure that some might describe as a “snowboarding odyssey”.

If you enjoy seeing mountains and snowboarding in the native wilderness, then Alto’s Adventures is the perfect game for you. This mobile game offers lots of cool features but the one that stands out the most is the procedurally generated terrain based on real-world snowboarding. In addition, there are many snowboarding tricks that players can master in order to become the best.

Download Alto’s Adventure

#6 Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.

We want to end our list with something really amazing and this is why we have picked Plague Inc. for our sixth spot. This game is super innovative and the entire idea behind the gameplay is that players need to create the pathogen for their special disease that they even get to name and then to find “Patient Zero” and to start spreading the disease. This sounds easier than done! Our tip for iPhone fans who decide to give Plague Inc. a try is to always aim for airports.

Download Plague Inc.

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