Top 6 iPhone XS Max Rugged Cases – Get The Highest Level of Protection for Your iPhone

iPhones are amazing devices that make our lives easier with their unique features and powerful operating system. For example, no one needs to sit outside in the cold in order to hail a taxi because they can simply use an app such as Uber instead. Another great thing about iPhones is that they are renowned for their sleek designs. Apple is always the world’s biggest technology innovator when it comes to designs and not just that, but Apple is always the first one to take major risks in order to deliver a sleek looking design. The perfect example of this is introducing the display top-notch back in 2017 with iPhone X which changed everyone’s idea of what the “perfect smartphone” should look like.

Even though Apple’s latest iPhones might look amazing with their full-screens and glass backs, this all comes at a cost. iPhones are infamous for being fragile and to make matters even worse, Apple’s repair shops are not known for offering cheap prices when it comes to replacing displays, cracked corners and other aesthetic problems. This is why we have decided that for today, we are going to present iPhone XS Max users with a list of the best rugged cases that they can find on Amazon. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

The Best iPhone XS Max Rugged Cases

#1 Supacase

iPhone XS Max is not only the best smartphone that Apple launched but also the most expensive one. This is why the first thing that iPhone XS Max users need to do after buying the device is to consider getting a rugged case. Our first pick is the rugged case made by SUPACASE. This case is called the “Unicorn Beetle Pro Series” and it ships with lots of innovative features such as a holster option, built-in screen protector and even a kickstand which makes it easier for iPhone XS Max users to set the device on a surface and to watch videos.
Price: $19.99
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Do you enjoy fancy designs? Well, then you might want to check out the case made by the company known as SURITCH. As we can clearly see in the picture featured above, the SURITCH case features a marble-like design, but this is not what makes it stand out the most. The cool thing about this case is the fact that it is shockproof and it offers full-body protection. In addition, the case is also available in multiple color schemes such as Gold Marble.
Price: $14.95
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Right from the start, we want to mention that the rugged case for iPhone XS Max made by URBAN ARMOR GEAR is a bit more expensive than all the others featured on the list today.  However, iPhone XS Max users who decide to go with this case will never have to worry about the protection of their handheld device.

This case uses carbon fiber material which is light and rugged at the same time. Although, the most impressive thing about the URBAN ARMOR GEAR CASE is that it has been military drop tested which means that the iPhone XS Max which is held inside this case will not get any scratches if it gets dropped.
Price: $58.09
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#4 i-Blason


Some people enjoy simpler designs for their cases and this is where the rugged case from i-Blason comes in and offers an alternative. Despite its simple design, the i-Blason case guarantees full protection for iPhone XS Max and it ships with a built-in screen protector. The aforementioned screen protector is fully functional and eliminates the need of buying a third-party screen protector that as we all know, can be quite tricky to place on the display. In addition, the bumpers are TPU multilayered and they can absorb shock damage.
Price: $17.99
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#5 Temdan


The highlight of this rugged case is that it is entirely waterproof. Yes, you read that right!  This case makes iPhone XS Max fully waterproof and this means that iPhone XS Max users can take their devices in water parks for example and snap as many photos as they want of their family members and friends. Even though this is a tightly sealed waterproof case, the folks who designed it have made sure to make it compatible with wireless charging. In addition, the Temdan case for iPhone XS Max is designed to exceed the Military Standard 810G-516 and it can be dropped from 6.6ft/2m and nothing will happen.
Price: $20.99
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#6 Rokform


If you are the type of person who enjoys outdoor activities and hates the fact that you always need to be careful of where you place your iPhone XS Max so that it doesn’t fall from your pocket and get scratched, then you don’t need to look any further than the Rokform rugged case.

First of all, this case features a great looking design that is going to make the iPhone XS Max’s 6.5-inches full-screen display stand out. Another great feature that iPhone XS Max offers is called the Twist Lock System. This system fits optional accessories for bikes, cars, motorcycles and much more. As if the Twist Lock System wasn’t impressive enough, the folks at Rokform have also equipped the rugged case with a special integrated magnet that allows for instant mounting.
Price: $39.99
Purchase it from Amazon

Wrapping Things Up…

These have been our top six rugged cases for iPhone XS Max. They all are available on Amazon and therefore, everyone can purchase them without having to worry about availability. Furthermore, every rugged case that we presented today is a good choice, but the one that guarantees the most protection and ships with the best features is the Rokform rugged case. On the downside of things, this case is a tad more expensive than the others, but as all Apple fans know by now, premium hardware comes at a price.

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