Top 8 iOS 13 Hidden Features That Apple “Forgot” to Talk About

It’s been nearly two weeks since the first beta of iOS 13 was released and this has helped us get a pretty good idea of what kind of features we can expect from the upcoming operating system. In fact, we have a list with the top six most surprising features that iOS 13 introduced that everyone can check out by clicking here. However, today we have something even better to show everyone. After digging through the first beta version of iOS 13, we have discovered a bunch of interesting features that Apple didn’t highlight during its recent WWDC event.

With that said, today we have rounded up the best five hidden features that iOS 13 has to offer so that all Apple fans know what to expect from the new operating system. Some of these hidden features are super useful and this is why we are advising everyone to make sure to note some of them down or share them with their friends because they are surely going to help everyone become a pro iOS 13 user. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Top Eight Hidden Features in iOS 13

#1 Bigger Screenshots in Safari

Bigger Screenshots in Safari

One of the coolest hidden features that Apple didn’t highlight during its recent WWDC event is that iPhone users can finally take full screenshots of web pages in Safari. This feature has been available on iPadOS for a while now and luckily, it’s finally coming to iPhones as well.

#2 Safari Download Manager

Since we previously mentioned Safari, we have to talk about the fact that Safari is getting its own download manager. Obviously, people use the mobile browser in order to download lots of stuff from the internet and now, managing all recently downloaded files is going to be easier than ever. Additionally, the Safari download manager will be automatically synched with the new Files app.

#3 You Can Now Silence Unknown Callers!

You Can Now Silence Unknown Callers!

Don’t you hate it when your iPhone keeps ringing with calls from unknown callers? More than often, this type of calls prove to be advertisers who want to sell you products or strange surveys that you are surely not interested in. Luckily, it seems like Apple knows how annoying getting calls from unknown callers can be and this is why it has introduced the option to silence all unknown callers in iOS 13. In addition, all silenced calls will be sent directly to the voice mail.

#4 Save mobile Data

As we all know, mobile data can be quite expensive, especially in the US and Canada. This is quite annoying because finding a free Wi-Fi network is nearly impossible to find and even though you might find one, it’s never a good idea to connect to a public Wi-Fi network because it might be plagued with malware. Here is where Apple’s brand-new “Low Data Mode” comes in. This feature is going to be available in the Settings panel of iOS 13 and it will help apps lower their overall mobile data consumption.

#5 Improved Battery Life

 Improved Battery Life

Another cool new mode that iOS 13 is going to introduce is called “Optimized Battery Charging”. The new mode uses machine learning algorithms in order to get an idea of the iPhone user’s daily activity and routines in order to save up battery life. The best thing about this new mode is that it avoids battery aging. “To reduce battery aging. iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it,” said Apple.

#6 New Feature for Voice Memos

If you enjoy using Voice memos in order to send messages to your friends and family members, then you should be pleased to find out that Voice Memos are getting a new feature once iOS 13 arrives. The new feature makes it possible for all iPhone users to pinch zoom-in on the Voice Memos app in order to see the waveform of recordings and edit them. While this might not be a groundbreaking feature by any means, it’s surely a quality of life improvement for people who are fans of Voice Memos.

#7 Improved Face ID

Improved Face ID

Face ID is one of the best features that Apple’s latest iPhones have to offer. They increase the overall security of iPhones by making them unlockable only by scanning the face of the user and Apple has announced that Face ID is going to receive a small but significant improvement once the public version of iOS 13 releases. The improvement that we are talking about is haptic feedback. iPhones will send a subtle tap whenever they manage to authenticate the face of the user and unlock the UI (user interface).

#8 Mouse Support

The last iOS 13 hidden software change that we want to present might not be that amazing for iPhones, but it’s a game-changer for iPads. Apple fans should be happy to find out that iOS 13 introduces mouse support. This is great news because iPad users have been asking for mouse support for a couple of years now which shows us that Apple has finally listened to the feedback that iPad users are sending. In addition, being able to connect a mouse to an iPad will greatly improve the work productivity of iPad users.


These have been our top eight hidden features that Apple fans will be able to experience once iOS 13 rolls out. The major operating system is only a couple of months away and knowing about these hidden features will surely bring an advantage when iOS 13 releases.

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