Top Eight iPad Pro Accessories – Get Your Christmas Gift Early!

Christmas is just around the corner and if someone from your family is an Apple fan, then you can never go wrong with a premium accessory as a Christmas gift. Take for example iPad Pro. Even though this device features powerful hardware specs and innovative features, its full potential gets unlocked only when you bundle it with the right pair of accessories such as a hard case, professional stylus or a stand that makes it easier to watch videos and work on the iPad Pro. We have rounded up the top eight best iPad Pro accessories available on Amazon and we are going to present them right now. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top Eight iPad Pro Accessories

#1 Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen

The first accessory on our list is the Stylus Pen for iPad Pro designed by KSW KINGDO. The Stylus Pen features replaceable fine point rubber tips (2mm) that make it work on both iPads and iPhones. The folks at KSW KINGDO have also made sure to equip the Stylus Pen with a built-in battery that can last for ten hours with a single charge. The coolest thing about this accessory is the fact that it features ultra-sensitive technology on the tip point which gives it great accuracy.
Price: $34.99
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#2 Lamicall Tablet Stand

Lamicall Tablet Stand

The reason why iPad Pro is such a bestselling device is because it can be used for all types of purposes. Most people use it for entertainment, but others can also use it to finish up work projects. Therefore, having an adjustable stand will prove to be quite useful since it makes it so much easier for the user to play games, read, watch videos and work. In addition, the tablet stand features a sturdy construction and rubber pads that will protect the iPad Pro from getting scratches.
Price: $14.99
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#3 ONHI Wireless Keyboard

ONHI Wireless Keyboard

As we previously mentioned, iPad Pro can be used for work purposes and what better way to enhance productivity on a tablet other than to use a wireless keyboard? The wireless keyboard case made by ONHI is compatible with the 10.5-inches iPad Pro model and it comes with seven colors for the back-lit keyboard. The amazing thing about this wireless keyboard case is the fact that features a smart auto sleep/wake function which means that the user will never have to worry about forgetting the keyboard case turned on.
Price: $58.99
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#4 Belkin Carrying Case and Stand

Belkin Carrying Case and Stand

People who travel a lot know how annoying it is to carry an iPad Pro and a Stylus with them. The Stylus doesn’t have a special place on the tablet and this makes it easy for people to forget about it. Fortunately, here is where the Belkin carrying case and stand comes in to save the day.

This is a Stylus case that features all-in-one storage. The case is fitted with individual storage compartments which makes it easier and faster for users to organize their iPad Pro accessories. This might not be a “necessary” accessory, but it’s still nice to have.
Price: $21.99
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#5 Anker iPad Pro 10.5-inches Screen Protector

Anker iPad Pro 10.5-inches Screen Protector

Apple holds the title for being the world’s first company to hit a value of one trillion dollars! This is an impressive feat, but on the downside of things, Apple fans are the ones who paid the tech giant to become this big. One of the ways that Apple generates most of its revenue through is by overcharging for screen repairs. Fortunately, this can all be avoided by using a screen protector such as the one designed by Anker.

This iPad Pro 10.5-inches screen protector features tempered glass that has an industry-high hardness rating of 9H. Furthermore, the screen protector is ultra-transparent and it’s only 0.3mm thick. To make things even better, the screen protector is also oleophobic coated and this means that it reduces the number of fingerprints and smudges that can get on the screen.
Price: $9.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#6 Smart Case Shell by ProCase

Smart Case Shell by ProCase

Since we previously talked about protecting the iPad Pro, we now need to present the smart case shell by ProCase. This is an ultra slim and lightweight case that features a cool looking translucent frosted back cover. The smart case shell protects iPad Pros from damage and its ideal for people who carry their iPad Pro everywhere they go because it reduces the risks of scratching the tablet’s screen or rounded corners.
Price: $13.99
Get it from Amazon

#7 AboveTEK Desk Mount

AboveTEK Desk Mount

People who like to read or watch videos before they go to sleep are going to love this accessory! This accessory is a desk mount holder and it can fit any device that measures up to 10-inches, this includes iPad Pro and iPhone XS Max! Nonetheless, the desk mount holder can be placed anywhere, even on the kitchen table.
Price: $35.00
Purchase it from Amazon

#8 Fstop Labs Remote Controller

 Fstop Labs Remote Controller

iPad Pro is a powerful device that can run all types of heavy-duty tasks, including high-end games. The fast processor and massive display make iPad Pro a great device to play games on and the only thing that could make this experience better would be a remote controller such as the one designed by Fstop Labs.

The remote control features an easy to attach and detach system that can be securely locked on the iPad Pro in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the remote controller is made from high impact ABS plastic which means that it can take a couple of hits and it won’t break.
Price: $14.99
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The Perfect Christmas Gift

There you have it! These are our top eight iPad Pro accessories that are going to make for a perfect Christmas gift. What’s great about the accessories that we presented today is that they cater to different ages.

For example, you can get the recently mentioned remote controller for your kid because he will love playing with it more than someone who is an adult. Nonetheless, all accessories are of top-notch quality and you can’t go wrong any of them.

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