Apple launched Watch Series 4 in September and even though the device got on the same stage with iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max, Watch Series 4 still managed to steal the show. This wearable device is currently considered to be the best smartwatch available on the market and this shows us that Watch Series 4 is worth its full value.

The smartwatch ships with a plethora of features, including the new ECG function that is approved by the FDA and this makes it a great gadget to have around. However, the user experience and performances that Watch Series 4 offers can get even better when it’s paired with the right accessories. With that being said, today we are going to present the best Watch Series 4 accessories that you can find on Amazon.

The Best Watch Series 4 Accessories on Amazon

#1 SIRUIBO Full-Around Protective Case

SIRUIBO Full-Around Protective Case

We are going to start our list with the full-around protective case produced by SIRUIBO. Even though Watch Series 4 is made from premium materials, it can still get scratches on the display and since this is a wearable device, people are more likely to hit it on hard surfaces. Therefore, we advise all Watch Series 4 owners to give the full-around protective case by SIRUIBO a try if they want the smartwatch to remain in pristine shape.
Price: $9.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 SUPCASE Protection

SUPCASE Protection

Just like the previous accessory, this is also a case but this accessory takes it to the next level by also providing customers with rugged strap bands. The great thing about the accessory produced by SUPCASE is the fact that it gives Watch Series 4 a different look, it makes the smartwatch look like a device that is designed for people who enjoy outdoor activities. In addition, the SUPCASE accessory features “advanced front cover snap-on” design which makes it easy for people to strap the smartwatch on.
Price: $24.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3 OLEBR Charging Stand

OLEBR Charging Stand

If you are a loyal Apple fan and own multiple iOS devices, then you can’t go wrong with the OLEBR charging stand. This accessory can charge multiple iOS devices at the same time, including Watch Series 4, and what makes it special is the premium aluminum alloy design. This charging stand looks great and it fits perfectly alongside the spectacular design of Watch Series 4 and iPhone XS Max.
Price: $38.97
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 LK Screen Protector

LK Screen Protector

Some people might not like putting a full-around case on their Watch Series 4 because it takes away from the device’s beautiful design. However, this doesn’t mean that Watch Series 4 owners should not use any protection because the screen can crack if its hit too hard. This is where the screen protector from LK comes in. This screen protector uses a unique adhesive called “liquid skin” which is resistant to water. Therefore, Watch Series 4 owners will be able to take showers or swim with the screen protector on and they won’t have to worry if it will peel off or not.
Price: $9/99
Get it from Amazon

#5 Secbolt Bling Bands

Secbolt Bling Bands

Yes, Watch Series 4 looks amazing and no one can deny that. On the other hand, the design can get quite boring after you wear the smartwatch for one month. This is why we advise Watch Series 4 owners who want to add a little “bling” into their life to try the Secbolt slim bling bands. The bands are made from premium materials and the links can be removed, thus making the bands adjustable. In addition, the producers of this accessory are so confident in it that they offer a 1-year warranty that comes with a full refund or replacement.
Price: $19.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#6 Gold & Clear Case from Alritz

Gold & Clear Case from Alritz

Since we are talking about “bling” Watch Series 4 accessories, we have to mention the cases from Alritz. This Watch Series 4 case ships in the Gold and Clear models, and to make things even better, both case models are scratch resistant and the bumper is made from shock-absorbing TPU material. With that said, the cases from Alritz will provide Watch Series 4 owners with a great upgrade in the design department and improved protection.
Price: $9.90
Buy it from Amazon

#7 Sworddy Sport Band

Sworddy Sport Band

Are you looking for a band that will make your Watch Series 4 look different than the others while also making the smartwatch feel more comfortable on your wrist so that you can wear it during fun activities such as jogging or playing soccer? Well, then the Sport Band produced by Sworddy is just what you need. This sport band is made from premium silicone material and the red color will make your Watch Series 4 stand out from the rest.
Price: $8.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#8 Caterjett Band

 Caterjett Band

Some people like bands that make their Watch Series 4 “bling” and grab everyone’s attention. However, other people don’t like flaunting their Apple smartwatch at all. Therefore, we had to introduce the Carterjett band on our list. Obviously, this band is compatible with Watch Series 4 and it will make the smartwatch look like a classic watch. Moreover, the Carterjett Band doesn’t feature any sharp edges or scratchy material which makes it feel great on the user’s wrist.
Price: $21.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9 Elago W23 Charger Stand

 Elago W23 Charger Stand

We are going to end our list with the Elago W3 charger stand because we think that it’s an accessory that all Apple fans are going to love. This charger stand is designed after the classic Macintosh that made Apple the company that we know and love today. In addition, this charger is easy to use because the only thing that you will need to do is to stick the charging cable into the outlet.
Price: $9.99
Get it from Amazon

Final Words

Apple’s new Watch Series 4 is an expensive product and therefore, all Apple fans should make sure to get a case or a band that will enhance its protection. No one wants to make the mistake of hitting their wrist on the door and cracking the screen. The repair costs are going to be way more expensive than the price of the cases that we presented today.



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