Top 6 watchOS 6 Features That Will Blow You Away!

Apple struck gold when it launched Watch Series 4. This smartwatch quickly became a global hit and it was classified as the best smartwatch available on the market, especially since it ships with lots of health-related features such as the newly implanted EKG system which is so accurate that Apple fans can its scans even give as a reference to their doctors. Even though the hardware parts and design of Watch Series 4 are amazing, what really makes this smartwatch stand out so much is the fact that it runs on watchOS.

As all Apple fans already know by now, watchOS is the operating system that the Cupertino based tech giant’s wearable devices are running on and it’s packed with a plethora of features and cool options that provide Apple fans with a premium user experience. Therefore, Apple fans should be pleased to know that watchOS 6 is scheduled to launch this fall and that it will introduce a wide range of even better features. With that said, today we are going to check out the top six features that watchOS 6 will bring during the upcoming months.

Top Six watchOS 6 Features

#1 New Watch Faces

New Watch Faces

Obviously, the first thing that Apple fans should expect to see on their Apple Watches once watchOS 6 arrives is a bunch of new watch faces. Watch Faces are the only customization option other than changing the case and bands of Apple Watches and therefore, Apple fans should be pleased to find out that they are going to receive access to lots of new ones.

Moreover, all upcoming watch faces will feature new complications that give Apple fans faster access to their favorite apps such as the weather or how many steps they took that day. We should also note that Apple is going to introduce haptic chimes on board and support for Voice Memos.

#2 App Store

App Store

While getting access to a bunch of new Watch Faces might be nice, this is not the best feature that watchOS 6 will introduce. Apple revealed during its latest WWDC media conference that Apple Watches will receive support for the famous App Store once watchOS 6 arrives. To make things even better, iOS developers will get the chance to create their own independent apps for watchOS 6 which means that they will be able to function without needing to be installed on an iPhone first. We have to give praise to Apple for introducing the App Store in watchOS 6 because this is making it possible for Apple fans to download millions of standalone apps on their Watch Series devices.

#3 New Native Apps

  • New Calculator App

Apple fans should be pleased to find out that watchOS 6 introduces three new native apps. One of those apps is the much-anticipated Calculator. This is one of the most important features that people have on pre-installed their smartphones and it’s now arriving to smartwatches as well.

  • New Voice Memos

As we have previously mentioned, Voice Memos will be available in the complications of new watch faces that are scheduled to arrive alongside watchOS 6. The reason why this is possible is that Apple is adding a native Voice Memos app for watchOS 6. People who use Watch Series will be able to access the new feature just by opening the app and tapping on the record button. It’s that simple!

  • New Reminders App

Apple’s developers know that it’s easy to forget important meetings when you have a busy schedule and this is why it has decided to create a new version of the Reminders App. The new app for watchOS 6 has been specially designed to work alongside the iOS 13 version of it.

In addition, using the new Reminders App for watchOS 6 is super simple and the only thing that users need to do is to tap on a big button in order to set a reminder. Also worth noting is that reminders can be created only by using voice.

#4 Transfer Your Memoji

Another cool feature that watchOS 6 is introducing is the ability to transfer Memojis over from an iPhone. Therefore, Apple Fans who have created personalized Memoji stickers that they love using while sending texts should be pleased to find out that they can now transfer them to their watchOS 6 powered device. These Memojis stickers are great for quick replies.

#5 Activity Trends

Apple surprised everyone during its latest WWDC media conference when it announced that a new feature called Activity Trends is going to arrive alongside watchOS 6. Just as the app’s name implies, Activity Trends are going to provide Watch Series users with detailed information about their activity during the day. There are lots of activity trends that Apple fans can track such as how many miles they walked or how many stairs they climbed.

#6 Enhanced Health App

As we have previously mentioned in the beginning of the article, Apple’s current operating system for Watch Series devices is packed with a ton of health-related features and this is why Apple fans are loving to use these watchOS powered smartwatches. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that Apple is putting lots of attention into the health features that watchOS 6 has to offer and that it will enhance the performances of the already existing ones with powerful technology such as machine learning. We should note that the addition of machine learning technology means that a Watch Series device will be able to detect the user’s highlights throughout the day and present them in a detailed manner.

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