You are in the habit of using Touch ID on your MacBook Pro since you brought this device home, and one fine day, you come to know that this fingerprint scanning system fails to work. You should not bother about this issue as such things happen (haven’t you experienced Touch ID not working on your iPhone issue?). Even if you take this seriously, check the two solutions given below and you will be able to fix Touch ID not working on MacBook Pro issue.

What is wrong with Touch ID? You might wonder; well, the fingerprint identity sensor may not work on your MacBook Pro or that Touch ID area (Unlock with Touch ID) doesn’t recognize your fingerprint you have registered in the beginning. Basically, the touch identification is nothing but your biometric authentication that authenticates you as the owner of MacBook Pro; but sometimes, this Touch ID stops working all of a sudden on your Mac and wreaks havoc. Don’ worry, follow the tricks and tips.

Touch ID Not Working on MacBook Pro

Touch ID Not Working on MacBook Pro Running macOS High Sierra or macOS Sierra

Important Points:

  • While you are registering your fingerprint, you need to scan entire surface by moving your finger sufficiently in the first phase; next, cover every edge during the second stage.
  • If your finger is sweaty or moisturized with some liquid, your scanning process is interfered. You need to clean and dry your finger and Unlock with Touch ID button on your Mac.
  • Though Touch ID quickly registers your fingerprint, you should not take your finger off the area immediately.
  • Make sure that your finger doesn’t shake while you are registering it; keep your finger in one place.

How to Delete and Re-Add Your Touch ID Fingerprints on Mac

Step #1. Click on the Apple menu icon from the upper left corner of your screen.

Step #2. From the menu, click on System Preferences.

Step #3. Click on Touch ID from system Preferences window.

Step #4. Now, head over the fingerprint icon you want to delete and click on X button that appears in upper left corner.

Step #5. Next, Enter your Mac password.

Step #6. Click on X button once again to delete fingerprint and restart your MacBook Pro.

Once the device is restarted, re-add your fingerprint by following this guide.

Update Your Mac OS

You need to update your Mac when you fail to address the issue by deleting and re-adding the fingerprint. Updating Mac can fix several issues and hence, people do this on their Mac.

You can check Mac software updates by opening App Store on your MacBook Pro. Next, click on Updates in the App Store and then click Update button to download and install listed updates.

That’s it!

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