How to Track and Find Nearby Pokemon in Pokemon Go [Complete Guide]

Pokemon Go has mesmerized entire young generation so much that they spend much of their vacation after playing this game. Since this game requires you to come out of your home to find nearby Pokemon, it consumes a lot of battery power. And this also requires a piece of information on how you can track and find nearby Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

This game is available in a select few countries, and therefore, we have already covered a topic on how you can download and install Pokemon Go on your iOS and Android smartphone.

Moreover, this game also needs some accessories. You can check what Pokemon Go accessories you should have while playing this game.

While you are out looking for a nearby Pokemon, this information will certainly help you find one.

How to track and find nearby Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How to Track and Discover Nearby Pokemon

After setting up the game, you must have started walking; at this moment, you will see a grey box on your phone screen to the right of virtual avatar. This avatar shows some Pokemon shapes.

Tap on the grey box. You will notice a bunch of up to 9 Pokemon in your locality.

Distance between Pokemon and you is based on footprint markings below the avatars of shapes. Zero footprints suggest that you will notice the Pokemon imminently; one footprint shows that you are very close; two footprints means you are on the right path; and three footprints suggest that Pokemons are outside your immediate neighbourhood. However, if you want to find Pokemon quickly, you should start walking in the right direction.

Tap on one Pokemon to select that particular one; when you come back to your map, that creature is now selected in that grey box.

From here on, developers of the game do not give any clear directional tracking facility. If you are in this view, you won’t know whether or not you are hot or cold unless the Pokemon you are tracking goes from three footprints to two.

However, you can choose another way; while moving from one place to another, keep that window of all nearby Pokemon open and the list will automatically update. Pokemon that is near to you will go up to the top-left corner. Creatures that are far away will go down to bottom right, and finally go out of the list.

You can use this data to understand if you are heading towards the right direction for a three-footprint Pokemon. Select it and then start walking in any route. If you quarry goes down in the list, you get to know that you are not in the right direction. If they head to top, you are in the right direction.

Remember, this entire process is not a cake walk for you; you may pass through some trials and errors. But it is always fun to chase your favourite thing in life.

What do radar rings mean?

While strolling around in the real world, you also take a walk in Pokemon Go. During this walk, you can see a tiny grey-purple radar ring springs from your virtual person. This radar ring is actually your ‘reach’ in finding Pokemon close at hand.

This radar ring lets you catch Pokemon without entering restricted buildings like police stations. When you come close to your Pokemon (within zero steps), you can walk up to that property border and allow your radar rings bring the creature out of hiding.

You will also notice a small green radar box that springs from the Nearby Pokemon list; initially, you will think that you are getting closer to a nearby Pokemon, but this is your illusion. As a matter of fact, this green box lets you know that the list of nearby Pokemon is updating. This means that your quarry has moved nearer to you; however, it also means that they have fallen further behind.

If you notice this box blink, you should check your full list to confirm how your tracking is going on.

How to locate rare or evolved Pokémon

You can grab developed versions of creatures; this includes rare Pokemon also.

You can spot rare Pokemon at specific places and at specific times. For example, if you want to catch Clefairy or Drowzee, you should prefer evening times. In the same manner, you can catch element-based Pokemon close the real-world version of their element.

Note that developed Pokemon tend to roam in the same area as their underdeveloped opposites.

Also note that it is difficult to catch Pokemon with higher creature power. When you try to catch Pokemon with high CP, it may have an orange radiant circle around them and not the green one. You may have to throw some Pokeball. Unfortunately, contrary to the original game, you cannot make them weak with the help of your fellow Pokemon. The only way to make them feeble is to repetitively grab them in Pokeballs until they stop battling. Once you gain the higher level, you can buy Razz Berries to feed a wild Pokemon. This weakens them for a short while so that you have an easier chance of grabbing them in a Pokeball.

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