How to Train iPhone X Face ID to Recognize Weird Facial Expressions

Face ID on iPhone X scans your face with its TrueDepth camera feature and unlocks your iPhone X. Since the feature works on machine learning system, it learns different ways your face changes over a period of time. In the morning, your face may look swollen or in the evening, your face lacks energy; despite this change in your face, Face ID identifies that it is you, but with some difference in your expression. For this, you need to train Face ID to recognize different weird facial expressions.

Note that Face ID normally stores your facial expressions for successful and failed unlock attempts; this is done for a limited time though. By doing so, Face ID keeps track of your facial changes; it is notable that Face ID deletes such data after some time and then begins to collect fresh data. This insight is helpful for users as they may have to train their iPhone X Face ID to recognize different and dramatic facial expressions.

How to Train iPhone X Face ID to Recognize Weird Facial Expressions

How to Train iPhone X Face ID to Recognize Different Facial Expressions

To begin with, users should note that there should not be any cover or veil between the face and iPhone X camera while they are setting up Face ID or using Face ID to unlock the phone. Keep your face expressionless as far as possible, unless you are in some physical pain or standing direct under the sun light.

Step #1: Keep your iPhone X to your face level to unlock the device with Face ID; you should make some facial expressions like raise your eyebrows, put your fingers on chin, or wrinkle up your nose. There can be countless facial expressions (aren’t you watching Hollywood movies?).

Step #2: If Face ID doesn’t identify your face and fails to unlock your phone, swipe up from the bottom of locked screen.

Step #3: Once again, Face ID will make an attempt after you swipe up; this time, if Face ID fails, type in your passcode.

Step #4: Next, lock your iPhone X.

Step #5: Now, you should use the same facial expression to unlock your iPhone.

Face ID on your iPhone X will store your last expression and unlock your device successfully. The system will remember your facial expression for some days even though you have not used this particular expression to unlock the phone.

When does Face ID fail to work?

Face ID doesn’t always identify your face when it is completely covered. If you wear scarf or any other headgear that covers your nose, you cannot unlock your iPhone X using Face ID. Moreover, you cannot train Face ID when you have closed your eyes; however, you can always keep one eye closed and train it. You cannot even hide your nose with hand or any other object and ask Face ID to recognize you.

We tend to squint our eyes when our eyes are exposed to harsh sun; even in this situation Face ID has tough time in recognizing our face. Here, you need to disable Require Attention for Face ID.

The machine learning is powerful enough to identify and then memorize your face. So you don’t have to make any extra effort for Face ID to learn your changing facial expressions. However, if you wish Face ID recognize some weird facial expressions of yours, you can follow above method.

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