Are you planning to buy a new iPhone? If yes, you must have thought about transferring old data to the new iOS device. Along with, you should also think of all those images, photos, videos, and messages you have on your WhatsApp. Basically, you need to transfer WhatsApp messages from old iPhone to new iPhone. The chat history on your WhatsApp may have some important discussions you don’t want to lose. Check this tutorial to transfer WhatsApp chat history from one iPhone to another iPhone.

There are two methods you can use to move WhatsApp from old iPhone to new iPhone. You can always use your iCloud to transfer your messages and other data from WhatsApp to iPhone. Apart from this, you can also use third-party software to transfer your WhatsApp messages to the new iPhone.

​How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from One iPhone to Another iPhone

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from One iPhone to Another iPhone

If you want to use iCloud to shift your WhatsApp messages to new iPhone, you need to backup WhatsApp on iCloud from your old iPhone and then restore the data on your new iPhone.

Migrate WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone Using iCloud

Step #1: Launch Settings on your old iPhone.

Step #2: Now tap on your name (Apple ID banner) from the top.

Tap on Apple ID from Settings App on iPhone

Step #3: Next, tap on iCloud.

Tap on iCloud on iPhone

Step #4: Here, you need to turn on iCloud Drive.

Turn ON icloud Drive on iPhone and iPad

Below the iCloud Drive, you will see a list of apps that backup data to iCloud. Locate WhatsApp and toggle ON.

Take Backup of WhatsApp Chat History in iCloud on iPhone

Step #5: Now is the time to open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step #6: Tap on Settings from the bottom menu.

Tap on Settings in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #7: Tap on Chats and then Chat Backup.

Tap on Chat and then tap on Chat History in WhatsApp on iPhone

Step #8: Toggle ON Include Videos if you want to backup videos also.

Include Video in WhatsApp Chat Backup on iCloud

Step #9: Here, you need to hit Back Up Now option.

Your WhatsApp will start backing up your data to iCloud. Hope your iCloud has enough storage space to accommodate WhatsApp data. If not, then check this guide to manage and clear iCloud storage space

Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from one iPhone to another

Step #10: When a backup is done, you can take your new iPhone and sign into that device with your Apple ID.

Step #11: Download WhatsApp from the App Store on your new iOS device.

Once your phone number is verified, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to restore your iCloud backup. Tap on Restore and WhatsApp will start transferring your WhatsApp chat history along with media files and other data to your new iOS device. The time of transfer depends on the size of your WhatsApp data.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from Old iPhone to New iPhone Without Using iCloud

Many users don’t have enough iCloud storage space; such users can use third-party software to move WhatsApp data from an old iPhone to a new one. iMazing is amazing software iPhone users can use to transfer WhatsApp data from one device to another.

Step #1: First off, you need to download iMazing software on your Mac or Windows PC.

Run the exe file on your computer. You may see a message, “The app you are trying to install isn’t a verified app from the Store”.

Step #2: Tap on ‘Install Anyway’. The software will be downloaded on the desktop.

Step #3: Now connect your old iPhone with your computer via lightning cable.

Step #3: Next, launch iMazing on your computer.

Step #4: Select your iPhone from the left sidebar, and then click on Back Up.

You will find some options like Backup Encryption, Backup Location, Backup Archiving, and Wi-Fi Connection. Select each one carefully.

Step #5: Hit the Back-Up button from the corner.

Step #6: When backup is done, click on your device from the sidebar and click on Apps.

Step #7: This will show you all the apps installed on your iPhone. Here, you are supposed to click on WhatsApp → Manage Apps → Extract App.

Step #8: You can see the file browser window. You need to browse and choose the folder where you wish to export all your WhatsApp data.

The software will extract WhatsApp data and save your data in a file with .imazingapp extension.

Step #9: Now disconnect your old iPhone and connect the new iOS device.

Step #10: We believe that you must have downloaded WhatsApp on your new iPhone; if not do it immediately. You are not required to open WhatsApp on your new iPhone.

Step #11: Launch iMazing on your computer; choose your iOS device in the sidebar and next click on Apps.

Step #12: Again, you will see all the apps you have on your new iPhone.

Step #13: You need to click on Manage Apps → Restore App.

You will see the file browser window; browse and choose the WhatsApp backup file you have saved a few moments ago. You can see .imazingapp extension on the file.

Step #14: The software will start restoring WhatsApp backup data on your new iPhone.

When the data is restored, click Continue to restart your iPhone and finish the procedure.

Finally, launch WhatsApp on your new iPhone and you will find all your chat history from your old iPhone.

That’s all friends!

Though the second method is a bit lengthy and tedious, it will surely help you when you don’t have enough iCloud storage space. Note that extra iCloud storage comes at a price tag.

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