How to Turn Your iPad Pro into Computer or Laptop

When Apple launched its giant iPad Pro 12.9”, every user began to inquire about its feasibility, given its extra-large size. People never thought of an iPad with this size; but then some smart users welcome this device as they knew that could use it as their personal computer or laptop. In other words, they know how to turn iPad into computer or laptop.

In their efforts to convert iPad Pro into laptop or computer, they have to buy some accessories so that they can better use an iPad keeping the device on a desk. For their love of iPad Pro, users don’t mind shelling out a few bucks. We have listed a few essential products that help you convert your iPad Pro into a tasteful laptop.

How to Turn Your iPad into Computer or Laptop

How to Turn iPad Pro into Laptop or Computer

iPad Stands

Pasonomi iPad Stands and Tablet Holders

An iPad stand is the first thing you should go for to turn it into a laptop. For comfortable use of iPad’s large screen, a stand is must. We recommend you buy adjustable stands to experience superior comfort in watching contents and typing texts on iPad.

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Keyboards and Keyboard Cases

Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch Keyboard Case

To type long emails or documents on your iPad, you need a separate keyboard. The virtual keyboard given on iPad would only cause cramp in your fingers. Note that accessory brands also provide you with keyboard cases; however, you should be careful to check if the keyboard case comes with keyboard or simply the case. In this case, you need to buy a keyboard and a case separately. Again, make sure both are compatible with each other.

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RAVPower Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

If you buy a very basic iPad Pro model, you will get 64GB internal memory for usage. This, obviously, will be brimming in a couple of weeks. And then you need to employ some tricks to create memory. Alternatively, you can use flash drives for your iPad.


Canon MX922 All-in-one Printer

On one hand, the world goes digital, and on other, people take prints of documents. Forget this striking contrast and get the printers for your iPad. It is our dire need and we can’t turn blind eyes to this necessity. From your iPad, you can easily take prints from powerful printing options.

Car Mount and Headrests

iPad Headrest

A car mount is normally used by iPhone user who is driving car – this is your argument, right? Agreed, but think about a person who is sitting next to the driver. S/he can always use his/her iPad as a laptop by installing the device into a car mount. Moreover, users who sit in the rear seats would also like to use iPad as a laptop. And for such users, iPad headrests are the best options.

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Cambridge Soundworks Bluetooth Speaker

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Get some time off from work and play your favourite songs on your iPad Pro. Buy the best speakers for your iPad Pro. If the speaker is not Bluetooth enabled, you can connect it with your device via an Aux cable.

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Power Banks

Your iPad Pro needs charging after a few hours of operation. A powerful portable charger is a constant companion for your new make-shift laptop. While choosing a power bank, we recommend you pick up the best brand with high capacity. You can enjoy uninterrupted iPad experience while you are working on it.

Best 4K Monitor

BenQ PD2710QC 4K Monitor for Mac


Take a break from your work and watch some entertaining contents. With your iPad Pro, you can stream content on some of the best 4K monitor. Choose a smart monitor that offers best results. If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend more, get the best 4K monitor.

Gaming Controllers

SteelSeries Stratus XL Controller

Not a movie buff? No worries, you can spend some time playing your favourite games on iPad Pro, which is now turned into a laptop. To get the ultimate gaming experience, use the best gaming controllers. If you are looking for a good brand, we recommend SteelSeries wireless gaming controller.

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Charging Docks

Kinbashi iPhone 7 or 7 Plus Charging Dock

Charging docks are my favourite accessories that enhance the beauty of gadgets. When you put your iPad on a desk, it doesn’t capture attention; but if the same iPad is installed on a charging dock, it gets noticed instantly. Moreover, a charging dock allows you to operate your iPad Pro comfortably. You can use keyboard to type contents while your iPad is being charged.

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Bluetooth Headphones

Airpods iPad Pro Bluetooth Headphone

For music aficionados, Bluetooth headphones are close to their hearts and ears. Enjoy pure music from your iPad Pro and work like a pro. Bluetooth headphones give you wireless experience and mobility. Brands like Apple, Spigen, and Philips are listed here to create a stunning impression.

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