How to Turn Live Photos into GIFs or Videos on iPhone

When Apple launched iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, people expected something more than 3D Touch feature. And Apple didn’t disappoint common users of iPhones. The brand introduced Live Photos feature in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Though Live Photos consumes a lot of battery on iPhone, users were all happy to send and receive Live Photos with their friends & colleagues. But what about those users who don’t own iPhone 6s or the later version?

Well, they can turn Live Photos into GIFs or Videos on iPhone. The solution sounds simple but it surely burns a little hole in your pocket. To turn Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone, you have to download a paid app on your iPhone. Alas! Isn’t there any free lunch? Yes, there are two apps you can download free and turn Live Photos into GIFs.

So we leave that paid app aside (we know that nobody is going to download that on their iOS devices). If you want to help that developer, you can download Live GIF on your iPhone; you have to pay $1.99 to use this app.

And for freebooters, they can download either Lively or Motion Stills. The latter one has recently been updated by Google, and therefore, we will take this app first as an example here.

How to Turn Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone with Motion Stills

Step #1: Download and open Motion Stills on your iPhone.

Open Motion Stills

Step #2: Go through the instructional screens on the app; next, the app will ask you to access your Photos.

Step #3: Tap on OK and give permission to the app.

Allow Access to Photos

Step #4: The app will automatically detect Live Photos on your iPhone and will display them.

Step #5: Tap on any Live Photo you want to share.

Add text loop back and forth, and mute the sound ON or OFF.

Note that Motion Stills allows you to add text, loop back and forth, and mute the sound ON/OFF.

Step #6: Now you need to tap on Share button seen on the lower right side of the phone screen.

Tap on Share

Three options will pop-up on your iPhone: Export Live Photo, Send GIF, and Share Clip.

Step #7: Tap on Send GIF.

Tap on Send GIFs

Two rows of different sharing options will appear on your phone; select any one app to share GIF with your friends.

Select Contact to Share GiF

Here, we have selected WhatsApp to send GIF. Once you tap on WhatsApp, select the contact from the list and tap on Send button from the bottom right corner. You can add a caption before you finally hit the Send button. Your Live Photo GIF will be shared instantly.

How to Turn Live Photos into GIFs or Videos on iPhone with Lively

Step #1: Launch Lively on your iPhone 6s or the latest iPhone 7.

Open Lively App on iPhone

Step #2: The app will ask your permission to access your Photos app. Tap on OK and grant permission.

Tap on Ok to Allow Access to Photos

Step #3: Once you give permission, the app will automatically detect Live Photos from the Album.

Select Any Live Photo

Step #4: Next, you need to tap on Live Photo you want to share with others.

Two options will be seen on your Live Photo: Movie and GIF.

Step #5: You should tap on GIF or tap on Movie if you want to create video.

Tap on GIF or Movie

At the bottom of your iPhone, you will find a button: Export as GIF if you have selected GIF.

Step #6: Tap on Export as GIF button.

Tap on Export GiF

Step #7: You can see two menu bars on your iPhone screen; you can either save GIF on iPhone camera roll or select any one option to share GIF with.

Select Message Option to Share GiF

Step #8: If you select the Message app to share GIF, type the name of contact with whom you want to share GIF and then tap on Send button.

Select Contact to Send GiF and Tap on Send Button

It is done!

Settings of Lively App

Note that Lively will send GIF with watermark effects; you can remove watermarks by paying subscription. Before sending GIF, you can tap on Settings icon and set the size of GIF to small or big. Moreover, you may also like to toggle Backward and Auto Reverse buttons on Settings screen. Lively also offers you a feature to speed up and speed down your GIF; simply adjust the speed bar from Settings page.

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