We have all loved Facebook for its originality and the innovative features the social media channel brought to the platform. This being said, currently Facebook is ripping off features from all over the place. For example, recently Facebook ripped off the Stories feature from SnapChat and turned that into My Day or Messenger Day. If you have already overused Stories feature of SnapChat, you may not be interested in My Day or Messenger Day. And maybe you are planning to get rid of this Add to your Day. Well, you can disable or turn off Facebook Messenger Day on Android phone.

Now what if there is a person who doesn’t like SnapChat and loved FaceBook for the platform it was? Hence while implementing new features there shouldn’t be a tendency to force the users to use it.

Regardless, if you are annoyed with Facebook Messenger Day and happen to use an Android device, then here is a step by step guide on how to disable add your day in Facebook Messenger on Android Phone.

How to Turn Off Facebook Messenger Day on Android

How to Turn off Add to Your Day in FaceBook Messenger Day on Android

How to Turn off or Disable FaceBook Messenger Day on Android

Currently there are two ways to disable the feature. There is one method that works on rooted devices and one for non-rooted devices. Let’s begin with the rooted method for disabling Messenger Day. We will start the article off with this method as the non-root solution is influenced from this feature.

How to Disable or Turn off FaceBook Messenger Day on a Rooted Android Device

To disable Facebook Messenger day from a rooted Android device you will have to use a terminal emulator app. So before starting make sure you have downloaded the Material Terminal App for your system.

Step #1. After installing the app, type in the command ‘su’. Now hit enter and grant the app all the permissions it requires.

Step #2. Now copy this:
am start -n "com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.messaging.internalprefs.MessengerInternalPreferenceActivity” Once copied, paste this into the app.

Step #3. After using the code, press enter and you will be taken into the hidden ‘internal’ settings page of the Facebook Messenger. Now scroll down from here and look for the ‘gatekeeper Override’ option. Tap it.

Step #4. In the pop-up screen, type ‘internal’ and press ‘ok’.

Step #5. Here you should see an option ‘messenger_internal_prefs_android configured as no. Change it to yes.

Step #6. Now tap on the navigation bar to go back to the previous menu. Search for ‘MobileConfig’. Now you will have to tap on this.

Step #7. In the next screen you should notice a search bar located at the top. Search for “wave2”. You should then see only one result: Param: wave2 montage enabled. Tap and go in here.

Step #8. This page should also be filled with an array of options. Find ‘config:android_messenger_montage’ and then change the value to false.

Step #9. Once you have done this a prompt will come up requesting you to restart the app.

Once you have completed all these steps the Messenger Day feature should be removed from the app.

Now let’s discuss how to do the same for non-rooted devices.

How to Turn off FaceBook Messenger Day on a Non-Rooted Android Device

A non-rooted Android device will not be able to access the internal settings and so we will have to use a modded APK as discussed earlier.

The APK file, of which we are talking, will come with an unlocked internal settings option. So you may think that it is a far easier alternative than the one discussed above. However, this method comes with a drawback. You can see, to make the APK file work, you will have to uninstall all the other apps that falls under the Facebook ecosystem. This includes Facebook itself, Messenger, Messenger Lite, and Facebook Pages Manager. That’s a harsh sacrifice right?

However if you want to go on with the solution then here is a link to the modded APK.

Step #1. After downloading and installing the APK you will have to launch the app and go to the settings options. Now you will have to scroll down and find the internal settings.

Step #2. Now just follow all the steps discussed above from steps 2 to 9 and voila. You’re done.

In Conclusion:

Among the two features discussed above, the rooted method is a better solution. However, it does require you to have comprehensive knowledge on your Android device. If not, and you still persist to go the rooted route then do follow the steps exactly as described. Any tinkering around might break the app or cause problems on your device.

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