If you have moved from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 recently, you must have noticed many changes in the way you receive notifications on your apps. On your iPhone, apps display number of unread notifications on the app icon – on top right corner. Similarly, Samsung has introduced this feature in its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones. But, the feature has its own demerits. This may inspire many users to turn off icon notification badges on Galaxy S8.

The problem is that only a few apps display these badges and others fail to do so. This obviously irritates any Galaxy S8 user; but even the brand itself is helpless as it is not a standard framework for Android apps. To get rid of this repulsive stuff, you can turn off icon notification badges on Galaxy S8.

To disable icon notification badges from Galaxy S8, you have to download an app from the Google Play Store. Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) comes with a meagre price tag of $1.49.

How to Turn Off Icon Notification Badges on Your Galaxy S8

Before we move ahead, you should clear all the icon badges, in other words, you open and read all notifications – not a single unread message should appear there. This is necessary because if there is a message left unread, the app or badges will be stuck during the process and you have to restart the process.

Step #1: Once the icon badges are cleared, open Package Disabler Pro app, which you have installed on your Galaxy S8.

Step #2: Type in your passcode in the text field to enable device administration and then tap Enable Admin.

Note that you need to remember the passcode; moreover, the passcode is local to the device and you are not required to match any other passcode you have set up on your phone.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on Activate from the bottom right corner of phone screen.

Step #4: On the next screen, you need to scroll down and search BadgeProvider and tick the box next to it.

A word of caution: you should not tick any other box without knowing its functions or features. Some of the packages may create problems in your phone.

It is done! As far as Package Disabler Pro is there in your phone (with that box checked), app icons will not display notification badges. If you are happy with those notification badges, you can launch Package Disabler Pro and regress to the earlier status. Don’t forget to uninstall the app.

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Apart from above listed issues and features, if you come across any new one, don’t forget to take a screenshot on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus; you can share the screenshot with us later on.

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