How to Turn Old Smartphone into a Security Camera

A true-blue smartphone user would like to upgrade to new technology every two-three years if not every year. If you are one such user, you must have got the latest iPhone or Android Phone. But what have you done with your older smartphones? Do you want to dump it? Are you finding the best place to sell that old iPhone?

Before you take any action, you need to read this information on how to turn your old phone into a security camera. Your old smartphone can be your security guard and work like a CCTV camera at a certain place where it gets Wi-Fi connection and constant supply of battery.

This process of turning an old android Phone or iPhone into a security camera is quite simple; moreover, you don’t need to shell out many bucks on purchasing any device or app.

How to Turn Old Smartphone into a Security Camera (iPhone or Android)

To start with, you need a security camera app on your old Cell Phone.

You should select the security camera app according to your device; for iPhone users, they need to open App Store and Android phone users, go to Google Play Store to find the best security camera apps.

Note that most of the apps boast similar features like local streaming, cloud streaming, recording and storing footage locally or remotely, and motion detection and alerts.

iOS Security Camera App

Manything is arguably the best security camera app for your iOS device; this is a 65.1MB app, and therefore, make sure that you have got enough space on your iPhone. Later on, you may have to save the recorded video footage on your device or on cloud.

This app helps you set up motion alerts, select between a video or still-only mode; you can also integrate this app with IFTTT for countless ways to configure your security camera.

You can download Manything from App Store without paying a penny.

How to Use Manything

Step #1: You need to download Manything on old and new iOS devices.

Step #2: On your old piece, launch Settings and then disable Auto Lock from Display & Brightness; simply tap on Never.

Step #3: Next, you need to register yourself or sign in to Manything app with your email address or Facebook account.

Step #4: Now, choose Camera mode in the old iOS device and Viewer mode in your new iPhone.

Step #5: Tap the red button on camera device to start live streaming.

On your new iPhone, the live stream appears in the list of streaming devices. Optionally, you can also view the stream from a desktop or laptop computer by singing in at

Android Security Camera App

Unlike iOS security camera app, this Android app comes with a price tag. You can download and install IP Webcam on your Android smartphone and follow the steps given below. This app is available in two versions; the lite version is free, but it is advisable to download pro version to get better results. The pro version of IP Webcam is available at $3.99.

IP Webcam streams the video on local device and over the cloud by using Ivideon service. This enables you to watch stream live from anywhere.

Configure IP Webcam as Security Camera on your Android Phone

Step #1: You need to download IP Webcam on your old phone.

Step #2: Open IP Webcam and set video preferences, effects, power management settings, and motion or sound detection.

Step #3: If you wish to broadcast the video remotely, you need to sign into Ivideon. You should also check compatibility and enable the cloud stream.

Step #4: Now choose Start server from the bottom of the app to start streaming.

Step #5: To watch the stream, you need to search the given IP address and port number on the phone set up as a security camera. Next, type in the IP address in the address bar of web browser of another device like computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you have set up an Ivideon cloud stream, browse from a computer and then sign in or register.

Select a place to put your camera

Now is the time to install your camera at a good location from where you can keep an eye on your kids at home or your employees in your office. If you are using this old device as security camera, you should choose a spot like the main entry gate of your home, backyard or the place where you keep your valuables. You can also put your camera near a place, which is vulnerable.

If you have got more than one smartphones, you an set up multiple cameras for a decent video coverage.

Fix and power your security cameras

You can use a smartphone tripod or a robust car mount to install the security cameras. To get clear picture, you can also use the best camera lenses.

Last but not the least, you must ensure that your smartphone is continuously supplied by power; if there is a power source near the camera, not to worry. But if the location doesn’t have any power point nearby, you should put the best power banks that can supply battery at least for 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can buy long USB or lightning cables that can reach the power source.

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