UE Roll 2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Rugged Piece Exudes Louder Sound

For music lovers, sound works similarly as aroma works for a foodie. And therefore, they choose the best sound players and speakers to satiate their desire for music. Ultimate Ears (very fitting name for a Bluetooth portable wireless speaker) has rolled out the best speaker for music lovers, who are also adventure-seekers. So for your party, this device is your right choice to play your favourite numbers. Since it is lighter than a can of soda, it is highly portable, and this makes you worry-free as to where you should plan your party. You can choose bizarre venues like mountain top, a caravan, a beach or a tree house.

A lone wolf would also love to hang this Bluetooth speaker while he is biking, hiking or hitch-hiking. The waterproof quality makes it more acceptable as music and water, when come together, make a killer combination music lovers can’t resist.

UE Roll 2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Surprisingly, this UE Roll 2 is available in colors that were not assigned to any product in this category. Atmosphere, Reef, Sugarplum, and Volcano are name of the colors? It surpasses all levels of weirdness of the present age. But that is the beauty of this product, which also boasts a saucer-like shape for easy portability. And don’t miss that loop that you can tuck in anywhere to bring this UE Roll 2 along with you. Take the speaker while you are biking, camping, snorkelling or scuba-diving. Take a plunge one meter underwater for 30 minutes, and your Bluetooth speaker is as good as any dry pebble on the beach.

UE Roll 2 Waterproof Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Unlike its predecessor, UE Roll, this one has got 15% louder sound. It is a challenge for you – whether you can shout louder than UE Roll 2 or your scream is subdued by the speaker. The big, bold and beautiful sound can be enjoyed till 9 long hours within 100 feet Bluetooth wireless range.

So the next time you go for any outdoor adventure, don’t forget to strap this speaker to your bike, backpack, kayak or wherever you want to take your music. And yes, there is a bungee cord that you strap with your vehicles. This makes it really a unique portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. Isn’t it unbeatable?

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