There are many unfortunate situations in your Android life. One of the dire situations is ‘unfortunately, camera has stopped on Android’ phone. Since you love to create memories on your Android smartphone, Camera is the app you access frequently. While capturing happy moments and selfies on your phone, you don’t like this interruption.

This error normally stems from the software issue as hardware hardly plays any nasty role in ‘camera not working’ problem. We have listed here a few solutions to this issue; the fixes presented here are a mix of quick and easy to complex workarounds.

How to Fix ‘Unfortunately, Camera Has Stopped’ Issue on Android

Fix #1: Restart Camera

As a passionate lens man, you love to click too many photos. You don’t want to miss any moment of special occasions in your life. Or maybe you like to make your everyday a special day. This gives the camera app extra burden as you keep it in use for long time. Here, you need to shut down the app and reopen Camera after 30 seconds on your Android phone.

Fix #2: Restart Your Android Phone

If the above solution doesn’t work, restarting the phone is another simple fix you can perform quickly. Remember that process to restart Android phones differ from brand to brand. Normally you find this option when you press buttons to switch your phone off. Note that after performing this action, you won’t be able to find the real problem in your device.

Fix #3: Clear Camera Cache

Since you are a click-happy Android user, you pile up a lot of camera cache on your smartphone. Though this cache helps your camera app work faster, this can corrupt the cache files in your device. Clearing camera cache from Settings can fix the issue. This will not wipe out any important data from your Android phone. However, next time when you open the camera app, it will take some more load time.

Step #1: Launch Settings on your Android phone.

Step #2: Next, open the Applications.

Step #3: Now tap on Application manager.

Step #4: Scroll down and tap Camera app from the list.

Step #5: First, tap on Force Stop option.

Step #6: And then tap on Clear Cache button.

When you tap on Force Stop option, you will be asked to confirm your action: If you force stop an app, it may cause errors.

Press Force Stop anyway.

Now open the Camera app on your phone again and check if the issue is fixed or not.

Fix #4: Clear Camera Data Files

You have easily removed cache files from your Camera app, but deleting camera data files can be tricky as this includes your personal settings for the app. Your personal preferences will be wiped out from the app. You can reset your personal preferences later.

Step #1: Tap on Settings.

Step #2: Press on Applications and then Application manager.

Step #3: Open Camera app from the list.

Step #4: Next, tap on Storage option and then press Clear Data button.

A small dialog box will flash on your phone’s screen, which reads: All of this application’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases etc.

Step #5: Tap on Delete button.

Note that your photos are safe in your photo gallery; after clearing data files from your camera, open the Camera app on your Android device to check its performance.

Fix #5: Update Software

A lazy user wouldn’t like to update Android software frequently. You must remember that a smartphone requires updates; moreover, the apps in the phone too need update at regular intervals. Developers of third-party apps are continuously doing research in their studio. And they release updates for their apps often during a calendar year. Software update can fix some petty issues in your smartphone; you can check pending updates from here:

Step #1: Head to the Settings on your phone/tablet.

Step #2: Tap About Device option.

Step #3: Open the very first option, which should be Software update or System update.

If your device has been updated recently, it will show that the latest updates have already been installed on your device. Or else you will see a message that an update is available and you can update your device. If an update is pending, you can update your Android device right now and then restart your device. Finally, check if the camera is working accurately or not.

Fix #6: Delete Cache and Data files of Gallery App

Since all your photos stored in the Gallery app on your Android device, you can also check the performance of Gallery in your device. If your Camera app has got any issue, the gallery may also get infected since both apps work closely.

Step #1: Go to the Applications from the Settings app.

Step #2: Next, open Application manager.

Step #3: Open Gallery app from the list.

Step #4: Now tap on Force Stop.

Step #5: Then tap Clear Cache to clear the cache.

Step #6: To delete data files, you need to tap Clear Data button.

Step #7: Finally, tap on OK to confirm your action.

You can now restart your Android phone or tablet to check the performance of Camera.

Fix #7: Install Third-Party Camera App

There are many third-party camera apps that can give your better results than the stock app. Open the Google Play Store and find some excellent camera apps for your Android smart device. Remember that it is not a permanent solution for you, but you can continue clicking photos without experiencing any technical glitch.

Fix #8: Use Safe Mode

Safe Mode disables all third-party apps on your Android device. This ensures that the Camera app is affected or not affected by any third-party app like flashlight. Many users download such flashlight apps to enhance the performance of their Camera. Now these flashlight apps are notorious to create issues in Camera app. To fix the issue, users have to restart their Android devices in Safe Mode.

Step #1: Press and hold the Power button of your Android device.

Step #2: When you see Power options on your device’s screen, press and hold the Power Off option.

Step #3: A pop-up will appear on your phone or tablet.

Step #4: You will be prompted to restart your device in Safe Mode.

Step #5: Tap on OK.

After restarting your Android device in Safe Mode, open the Camera app; if the Camera opens smoothly and performs without any error, you should blame any third-party app. And if Camera app meets with any error, you need to check the next and last solution given below.

Fix #9: Factory Reset

Factory Reset is a rebirth of your Android phone as the device will go back to factory settings. All the data and third-party apps you have installed will be deleted. This means you should take backup of your Android phone before you go for Factory Reset option.

Step #1: Open Settings on your Android device.

Step #2: Tap Backup and Reset.

Step #3: If you have not turned on ‘Back up my data’ option, you can toggle it on; this feature will back up your device data and app data automatically to Google Drive.

Step #4: Next, tap on Factory Reset.

Step #5: Finally, tap on Reset Phone.

You device will restart; then you can check if the Camera app is running properly or not. If the app is performing well, you can restore all files and data back to your Android device.

Like your Camera app, many users have also faced trouble in Google Play Services; they can fix Google Play Services stopped error on Android device. Moreover, if Google Play Store error 927 is pestering your device, you can fix Google Play Store Error 927 by following a simple method.

Many users also complain about force closing of Google Play Store; they can fix the problem of Google Play Store keeps force closing by following a few simple steps.

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