Urban Owl Posh Crystal Clear Sunglasses: High Definition Style That Soothes Your Eyes

One of the most critical hazards our generation is facing is about exposing their eyes to different digital screens. But what is the hazard in staring at such screens? It is unanimously accepted by eye surgeons and experts that blue light from personal electronic devices has also been linked to serious physical and mental health problems.

Such electronic device’s screens should be avoided especially when you are in bed. But since our personal devices are nearly indispensable, we can’t get rid of smartphones, tablets or laptops. So what is the solution to prevent damage to your delicate eyes?

Well, there are many handy tricks people use to protect their eyes from smartphone strain. But smartphone users normally drop these tricks after a rigorous start as they tend to forget to wash their eyes at regular intervals, take breaks frequently or blink their eyes multiple times. Hence, for a convincing solution, we have got posh crystal clear sunglasses from Urban Owl.

Urban Owl Posh Crystal Clear Sunglasses

These sunglasses exude latest European style and elegance for today’s generation. But that is not the purpose of these cool glasses; the real reason why Urban Owl crafted such beautiful pair of glasses is to give you a comfortable viewing of your personal devices.

High Definition Filter

Normally, a smart user would always keep the brightness lowered on the devices; this can avoid eye strain. But what if the user has to go out with his/her smartphone, s/he has to increase the brightness to operate the device. This is where Urban Owl’s crystal clear sunglasses help you in great deal. You can increase the brightness of your smartphone and wear these HD sunglasses. Blue Light control filter neutralizes blue light by 94%, preventing eye strain and fatigue. The High Definition filter of glasses will preserve the colors in your screen and the blue light filter will prevent eye strain and fatigue.

European Style & Elegance

Sunglasses from Urban Owl demonstrate European style and elegance. Designers of this brand have crafted these posh crystal clear glasses after consulting fashion professionals, stylists and fashion bloggers. And the result is the sunglasses that are perfect blend of urban style and vintage essence. The sunglasses are also available in brown tortoise, black, cognac, blue tortoise matter colors.

For Real Gamers

During the recent rage of Pokemon Go, many gamers have complained about eye strain when they go out during the game play. There are two primary reasons for this mid-game crisis: one, those gamers didn’t have HD sunglasses to prevent brightness of devices and second, the unfriendly sun showed no mercy on them. In both these situations, Urban Owl’s HD sunglasses are the best solution. This is one of the best Pokemon Go accessories for game players.


  • Made from premium custom cellulose acetate
  • Acetate is a premium material originating from the renewable resources of wood pulp and natural cotton fibers, ensuring hypoallergenic experience.
  • Handcrafted in Europe with secret traditional polishing method.
  • Organic lenses made with CR-39 material for durability and clear view.
  • All our lenses provide 100% UV400 protection, safeguarding your eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  • Our lenses comply with American Standard ANSI Z80.3-2001, Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003, and Standard EN 1836-1997 according to the European Community Directive 89/686/EEC

All in all, the crystal clear sunglasses are your best companion while you are on your adventure trip. The HD vision gives you enhanced perceived contrast and visual clarity, without distorting colors. Now you can reduce glare for a more comfortable and relaxed vision. I could feel a remarkable difference when I operated my smartphone with increased brightness after wearing these sunglasses.

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