For sports lovers, Alexa brings good news. Now you can use Alexa to receive ‘scores’ of information. Yes, you can get sports updates using Alexa. All you need to do is feed your Alexa with your favourite teams and then ask her about the sports updates. When you begin to dislike a team, you can remove that team from your sports updates. So get started with how to use Alexa for sports updates.

To use Alexa for getting sports updates, you need to program the app. If you have any Amazon Echo device, you can always interact with it directly. Note that Alexa doesn’t offer a large number of teams of different sports. The app has got a list of major leagues for baseball, football, soccer, and hockey. You can add teams from 13 different leagues, which include UEFA, NHL, WNBA and NCAA. For your convenience, Alexa gives you a facility to enter the state or city name the team belongs to. In the search function, simply enter the state or city, and Alexa will give you the team name (if you can’t remember the team name).

How to Use Alexa for Getting Sports Updates

How to Use Alexa for Getting Sports Updates

How to Use Alexa for Sports Updates

Steps #1. Launch Alexa app on your Smartphones.

Steps #2. Hit the menu button (Hamburger icon) from the top left corner of your screen.

Steps #3. Tap on Settings option which looks like gear icon.

Steps #4. Tap on Sports Update Option.

Steps #5. Now tap on the search bar to search for your favourite teams.

Steps #6. Enter your favourite team’s name in search bar and tap on your favourite team.

How to Remove a Team from your Sports Updates

Steps #1.Tap on Alexa app to open it in your smartphone.

Steps #2. Tap on the menu button (Hamburger icon) from the top left corner.

Steps #3. Hit Settings options

Steps #4. Now, select Sports update.

Steps #5. Finally, hit X to remove any team you don’t want to get updates of.

That’s it!

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