Voice assistant Alexa is getting smarter day by day. Users already know a number of Alexa commands, but every day, there is something new added to Alexa. The latest is that users can ask Alexa to turn on their Windows computer. Now this is something new for everybody. Until now, users have been asking Alexa to control lights and other gadgets with their voice; turning on Windows PC would be an interesting experience for them.

To use Amazon Alexa to turn on Windows PC, you need to undergo some preparations.

How to Use Amazon Alexa to Turn on Mac and Windows PC

How to Use Alexa To Turn On Windows PC and Mac

Preparations you need to make

Your acquaintance with Tasker and IFTTT can help you here; within 15 minutes, you can set up everything and use Amazon Alexa to turn on your Windows PC or Mac.

It goes without saying that you need an Alexa-enabled speaker and a computer to start the process. The method presented here works with Mac and Windows computer; the process also includes Android device (either a smartphone or a tablet). Moreover, you are supposed to download Tasker and Wake On Lan Android applications on your device. Last but not the least, you need to have an IFTTT account with Alexa and SMS or Android SMS channels activated.

Phase #1: Enable Wake on LAN

Once all devices, apps and, accounts are in place, you need to enable Wake on LAN. This Wake needs to be enabled on your computer; the process differs from one computer to another. We will deal with two methods: enable Wake on LAN on Windows PC and on Mac.

How to Turn on Windows Computer Using Alexa

Step #1: Click on Start menu and go to Device Manager, and hit Return.

Step #2: Find Network adapters and double-click to expand.

Step #3: Double-click on device name or perform right-click and choose Properties.

Step #4: Now click on Power Management button and check all boxes.

Step #5: Next, click Advanced button, and click Wait for Link, and then choose On from drop-down menu.

Step #6: Click on Wake on Magic Packet and choose Enabled from drop-down list.

Step #7: Finally click on OK button.

How to Turn on Mac Using Alexa

Step #1: Launch System Preferences.

Step #2: Click on Energy Saver.

Step #3: Now click on Power Saver.

Step #4: Next, click on the check box seen to the left side of Wake for Wi-Fi network access.


Step #1: Turn off your computer and then boot into BIOS menu. This process of booting into BIOS menu differs in computers; however, you can use hotkey – Del or F2.

Step #2: Next, you need to find WoL settings that normally reside in Power Management or Advanced Options sections. Also note that labels of features vary.

Step #3: Once Wake for LAN is enabled, save and reboot.

Phase #2: Setting up IFTTT recipe

Setting up IFTTT recipe is an important phase in this entire process. IFTTT offers two SMS channels and you have to connect Amazon Alexa channel with one of the SMS channels. Android SMS uses your phone to text itself; for this, you need to download and install IFTTT from Google Play Store.

Second channel is IFTTT SMS, in which IFTTT will send a text message from a chosen number. Note that IFTTT SMS will send 100 text messages per month. You can customize a trigger phrase on IFTTT recipes.

Phase #3: Setting up Tasker and Wake on LAN

Tasker is similar to IFTTT in performance but used for native functions on an Android device. To link Alexa and PC, you should connect Tasker and IFTTT through an SMS as your Android device and PC are using Wake ON LAN app.

Step #1: First off, connect Android phone with the same network as your computer is connected, and then launch Wake On LAN app.

Step #2: Next, click on ‘+’ symbol from the bottom right corner of the app and choose your computer from network devices listed.

Step #3: Now launch Tasker and swipe to the Tasks panel.

Step #4: Again click the ‘+’ symbol from the bottom and give this task a name (it is your discretion).

Step #5: Again click on ‘+’ sign and choose Plugin. Now choose Wake On LAN.

Step #6: Click on the pencil icon from the top right corner of app.

Step #7: Choose your computer from the devices listed and click the back navigation button.

Step #8: Head back to Profiles panel and click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen and choose Event.

Step #9: Tap on Phone and choose Received Text.

Step #10: Tap on Search button seen on the right of Sender.


If you are using Android SMS channel, search and choose your own contact information.

And if you are using IFTTT SMS channel, run the recipe once by speaking, “Alexa, trigger (phrase) and add IFTTT number to contacts. Find and choose the IFTTT contact.

Step #11: Hit the back navigation button to complete the Profile and choose the PC On (or WoL) task from drop-down list.

Step #12: You need to ensure that Profile is turned ON and back out of Tasker.

How to Turn on Mac or Windows PC with Amazon Alexa

You need to remember that above set-up fails to perform when the connected computer is shut down; rather, the computer should be either in Sleep or Hibernate mode. Also note that connected phone must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer is.

When you send a command to Alexa, ‘Alexa, trigger PC on’, your phone will get an SMS and Tasker will send a command to Wake ON LAN app to wake up your Mac or Windows computer. It takes 3 to 10 seconds for an SMS to be sent.

Above process sounds complex and tiresome, but when you start taking steps one after another, it will hardly take 15 minutes to set up everything.

While your Amazon Echo is assigned with so many tasks, you may also find it interesting to reduce the burden of the wireless speaker. How about an idea of converting your Android or iPhone into an Amazon Echo? Go ahead and have some fun!

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