With the release of Android Wear 2.0, many customers have begun to use their smartwatches as an independent device. Earlier, the smart wearables were dependent on their connected devices. This development of Android Wear has enabled many users to move their Google accounts from smartphones to smartwatch.

If you have multiple Google accounts set on your Android phone, you are now in the need of setting up those accounts on your Android Wear as well. In short, you can now use an Android smartwatch with multiple Google accounts.

Challenges of using an Android watch with multiple Google accounts

The best part of using multiple Google accounts on Android Wear watch is notifications. You can receive notifications on more than one Google accounts without manually switching accounts. In simple words, if you get notifications on an account that is not set up as a primary account, you can still receive notifications as on your primary account. It is a bit complicated process to switch accounts on Android Wear smartwatch, but it offers you better flexibility and control on notifications seen on your watch.

The real challenge comes when you are up to delete or uninstall an app from Android Wear 2.0. You need to think twice as to which account is associated with the app you want to delete or uninstall.

There are two other situations users have to cope with; one is how to configure hardware shortcut buttons on Android Wear 2.0. And another is to add complications to watch face on Android Wear 2.0. In both situations, users will have tough time deciding which app is connected with which account.

After considering a few challenges, let’s now learn how to switch accounts on Android Wear.

How to Use Multiple Google Accounts on Android Wear Smartwatch

Unlike smartphone apps, watch apps are not co-operative when users switch Google accounts, and therefore, they don’t act appropriately when you want to use multiple Google accounts on Android Wear 2.0. And if the watch apps are not updated to Android Wear 2.0, they will throw tantrums frequently. For Google’s core functions, your primary or default account is one that is enabled in Google Play Store at present. If you want to set the correct Google Assistant for your smartwatch, you must have that account set on Google Play Store.

Step #1: Launch Google Play Store on your watch.

Step #2: Open Play Store settings by swiping down.

Step #3: Tap on Accounts icon; remember that your default account is one that bears green text next to it.

Step #4: To switch accounts, tap on the account you want to set up as default or primary; you will be landed on the Play Store again.

Android Wear 2.0 has come up with plethora of smart options and features. It is only wise to upgrade to this latest version that enables you set up and use Android Pay on Android Wear Smartwatch.

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