How to Use Apple AirPods When You Are Offline

All AirPods users have a single regret: they can’t use any interface to interact with the earbuds. But this is the magic of using AirPods, which can be controlled by Siri. This means you can control your listening with AirPods via Siri.

The voice assistant only works when your device is connected with a Wi-Fi network or when you are using your mobile data. Your AirPods become toys when you are airborne or disconnected from Wi-Fi network or cellular data.

Thanks to a writer at 9to5Mac, who has found a workaround to enable voice control functionality using AirPods, even as you are offline.

You need to enable Voice Control and toggle Siri off temporarily. Let’s check out how to control your AirPods using Siri-like commands without internet access.


How to Use Apple AirPods When You Are Offline

How to Deactivate Siri and Enable Voice Control

Voice Control is not as powerful an option as Siri; however, there are some commands you can use with Voice Control and many of them help you control music on your iOS device.

Step #1: Open Settings app.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Tap on General.

Tap on General

Step #3: Next, launch Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility

Step #4: You need to tap Home Button given under Interaction section.

Tap on Home Button

Step #5: Under the Press and Hold to Speak section, tap Voice Control.

tap Voice Control

Step #6: Now you can use Voice Control commands to control your iPhone.


How to Change Double-Tap Gesture to Play & Pause Music

ways to change double-tap gesture to play and pause music

Second option is to change AirPods’s double-tap gesture if you want to play and pause music on your iPhone.

Step #1: Open Settings on iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on Bluetooth.

Step #3: Now you need to tap (i) next to menu item for AirPods.

Step #4: Finally, tap on Play/Pause.

Recently, AirPods users were facing a lot of issues regarding AirPods disconnecting from iPhone and can’t pair AirPods with iPhone. In this case users can update Apple AirPods software to the latest version. If AirPods not working on the commands of Voice Control, you can go for the firmware update as mentioned above.

When you are offline, your AirPods are not connected with Siri over a Wi-Fi network or cellular data. In this case, if you lose any of the pods, you can find AirPods Using “Find My AirPods” on iPhone in iOS 10.3.

To ensure that your earbuds stay connected, you should use Apple AirPods straps that keep your AirPods together always.

To sum up, AirPods are the most elegant accessories in your Apple kitty, and therefore, you need to take extra care of the two pods. You need to charge your AirPods frequently and hence, AirPods charging stands can improve the sophistication of your workstation.

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