The Apple Music chat bot now allows you to stream music on Facebook Messenger. If any individual is an Apple Music subscriber, that person will be able to stream songs of full length. Those who haven’t subscribed to it can stream the media for 30 seconds and share it with any contacts in their list. So here is how you can use Apple Music chat bot in Facebook Messenger.

Since the arrival of this bot, music lovers found a good platform for themselves where they can interact with many others like them and share those media. This feature is integrated in the Messenger itself and easy to operate. Listen to your favourite track or search for the desired album or artist from here. Let’s find out how to use Apple Music Bot in Messenger.

How to Use Apple Music Chat Bot in Facebook Messenger on iPhone and PC

How to Use Apple Music Bot in Facebook Messenger on iPhone

Make sure your Facebook Messenger is updated to its latest version. Even if you haven’t subscribed to Apple Music, give it a try and see how the new bot enhances your chat and sharing experience.

Step #1: Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your Apple device.

Step #2: Head over to the search bar and type “Apple Music”.

Step #3: From the displayed results, tap on “Apple Music”. Basically it will show up in the top of the list.

Search for Apple Music in FB Messenger

Step #4: Tap on “Get Started”.

Tap on Get Started in Apple Music Bot on iPhone

After the app opens, you will be given a brief idea of what it does. If you’re not interested in going through the tutorial.

Step #5: Enter the name of a song, album or artist and Tap on send button.

Use Apple Music Chat Bot in Facebook Messenger

The bot will react to your search and display the albums and tracks related to it.Tap on it to start listening. If you wish to share any track, you can do it in the same page itself.

How to Share Apple Music Song/Album with Friends or Family Within Facebook Messenger Chat

Step #1: Select the song you want to share. You will see the share icon beside it. If it is an album, tap and open it and beside every track you will find the same icon.

Step #2: Tap on the share icon.

Tap on Share in Apple Music Bot in Messenger

Step #3: Choose the contact you want to send it to.

Choose and contact tap on send button to share Apple music album

The track is now successfully shared with your friend.

These are the simple steps for using Apple Music Bot in Facebook Messenger. One more impressive feature is the bot’s AI. It studies your searches and what type of music you are listening to and responds accordingly. It creates a playlist with the help of AI to match your most played tracks. Next time you search and send an emoji to Apple music, it will display songs or artists related to it.

search and send an emoji to Apple Music chat bot

Since this AI is still learning by studying your movements, you should not expect it to provide the exact result with an emoji only. Jokes apart!

How to Use Apple Music Chat Bot on Computer

Step #1: Open on your Windows PC.

Step #2: Search for Apple Music and click on it from search result.

Step #3: Enter your favorite song, album or artist and click on send button.

That’s all!!

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Hope this article has been helpful for you.

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