How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone X With Face ID

Now you can use Apple Pay with Face ID on the latest iPhone X. If you think it is good news, you should learn more about facial recognition feature used by Apple in its highly advanced iPhone X. Earlier, users found it comfortable to use Touch ID to make payment via Apple Pay. But now it is difficult for them to use Apple Pay with Face ID on iPhone X.

But things are not that impossible. All you need is to understand Face ID feature on iPhone X. Apple has used TrueDepth feature to make its Face ID feature stronger and more accurate than Touch ID. This TrueDepth ensures that Face ID has one-in-1000,000 chance of allowing a stranger to access your iPhone X. Apple’s revolutionary TrueDepth technology quickly reads 30000 infrared dots on the face of users, and this leaves no chance of tampering with Face ID. Let us leave this Face ID aside for a moment and get down to how you can pay using Apple Pay with Face ID on iPhone.

How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone X

How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone X With Face ID

First off, you need to setup Face ID on your iPhone X.

Next, you have to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone; if you have already setup Apple Pay, no worries. Also, make sure that Apple Pay is turned on from settingFace ID & Passcode.

How to Make Purchase in a Store with Apple Pay

Step #1: Double tap on side button to use default card. If you want to use any other card then tap side button twice and tap on your default card and then select another card.

Step #2: Now, look at your iPhone X to authorize with Face ID.

Step #3: Next, Keep the top of iPhone X near the contactless terminal.

Step #4: Wait until you receive Done message.

How to Make Purchases within an App or on a Website in Safari

Step #1: Tap on Buy with Apple Pay button or select Apple Pay as a Payment method, once you are ready to checkout

Step #2: Re-check your Payment information.

If you want to make payment with a different card then tap on > located next to your card

Step #3: Now, double tap the side button and then stare at your iPhone X.

Step #4: Finally, wait for tick mark.

How to Make Purchases in iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store With Apple Pay

If you want to use Face ID to purchase contents from the App Store, iTunes Store and iBook Store, then tap on Settings→  Face ID & Passcode→  Toggle on iTunes & App Store an then follow these below mentioned steps:

Step #1: Launch the iTunes Store or App Store, or iBooks Store.

Step #2: Choose the App or iBook you want to buy and tap on it.

Step #3: When you’re asked to pay, tap the side button twice and glance at iPhone X.

Step #4: Now just wait until you see checkmark to display.

The absence of home button has created much difficulty for many users to explore features on iPhone X. But slowly and gradually, we will become habituated with the smart phone, and we will be able to use iPhone X without home button.

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