While browsing in Google Chrome on windows, you may have noticed that whenever there is any blank field required to be filled in, the autofill option automatically appears. Autofill allows you to fill up all those fields with the required details and even the password with just one click. All you have to do is save all the necessary passwords at once in the Chrome password saving feature and assign a master password. I have always wished for this feature in my Android smartphone since ages. With the new Android Oreo update, this feature is finally available. Now I can use Autofill in Android Oreo.

It makes logging in into your accounts from various devices much easier. The procedure to use Android Oreo Autofill Password feature is same as that in Google Chrome. For those who haven’t got the update for Android Oreo and are still using Android 4.3 or higher version can download third party apps like LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane to gain access to this feature. It will also pop up with a prompt to autofill your credentials automatically. Let’s get acquainted with this new update of Android Oreo.

How to Use Autofill in Android Oreo

The autofill feature may not be the most appreciated feature but a major element. Even if you don’t have any third party password manager, use Google’s own Autofill feature. The passwords that the Autofill uses are saved by Google Smart Lock via its Chrome Browser. Here’s how you can use Autofill in Android Oreo.

Using Autofill with Google

Every time you log in somewhere, Google asks whether you want it to remember your password or never remember. This can also be done by saving your passwords manually. Make sure that you are logged in with your Google account. Now, log in with the very same account on your smartphone and follow the steps below.

Step #1: Navigate to the phone’s “Settings”. Go to System → Language & Input → Advanced.

Step #2: Scroll down and select “Autofill service”.

Step #3: Tap on the blank circle beside “Autofill with Google” to enable it.

I am citing an example to make it clearer. For instance, let’s take facebook. Suppose you are signing into this app on your smartphone for the first time. Previously you have signed in from Google Chrome on your Desktop PC.

Step #1: Launch the app and tap on “Log in”.

Step #2: On the Log in screen, you will be shown a message beneath a blank field that “Tap to let Google fill this in for you”. Tap the message to allow Google to autofill your details. If you are not interested in this feature, tap the cross sign beside the message or simply start filling your credentials.

If you have multiple facebook accounts, Google will display the options for those. Select the one you want to log in with and all the details will automatically filled in.

Using Autofill with Password Manager

The third party password manager applications and Google Autofill don’t make much difference. Before using any password manager, make sure that they are updated to work with Android Oreo. For more support, search on Google about which password manager provides better service. To demonstrate the process, I will be using LastPass. 1Password and Dashlane are now updated to support this feature. Let’s get on with setting up LastPass.

Step #1: Go to the phone’s Settings and navigate to the “Autofill service”. Follow the previously mentioned steps.

Step #2: This time, select “LastPass” password manager instead of “Autofill with Google”.

Step #3: Again open Facebook. Select “Log in”. Below the blank fields, you will see a message in box “Please log into LastPass”.

Step #4: After selecting the message, it will ask you to enter the master password or require fingerprint authentication. It depends upon how you have set password manager to unlock by any of the two said methods. When the authentication is complete, you will be shown your Facebook login saved in the password manager. Tap it and all the login information will be auto – filled.

There are some negligible difference in using third party password manager and Google’s Autofill. If you haven’t used any of these services yet, I recommend you to download and install one. Suppose you are having multiple accounts and having difficulty in remembering the passwords for those accounts. This is the time when third party apps like this or the new feature of Android Oreo comes in handy. Signing in from Android devices will become easier as it was in Desktop PC’s.

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