More than iPhone, it is iPad that requires drag and drop feature in iOS 11; though Apple has enabled its iOS to allow you use drag and drop on iPhone. Since iPad has bigger screen, owners enjoy dragging and dropping files, apps, documents etc. on their devices. The feature is also useful in moving images and URLs on iPad. In the last two years, Apple introduced two iPads with large screen: iPad Pro 12.9” and iPad Pro 10.5”. If you own one of the two devices, you would love to use drag and drop in iOS 11 on iPad.

Before using iOS 11 drag and drop feature on iPad Pro, you should check its functionality. The feature enables you to move multiple files apps from one screen to another on your iPad. This feature can be explored in every nook and corner of your iPad running iOS 11; so you can find its application on Home screen, Dock, Reminders, Calendar, Messages, Spotlight, Files, Safari, Contacts, iBooks, News, Notes, Photos, Maps, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

How to Use Drag and Drop in iOS 11 on iPad

How to Use Drag and Drop in iOS 11 on iPad Pro

How to Move Files and Apps from One App to Another on iPad

Step #1: Launch any app on your iPad; for example, Photos app will be good to begin with.

Step #2: Now tap and hold the image you wish to move.

Step #3: Next, drag that content to Home button on iPad.

Here, you have got three choices to move contents.

  • Press Home button to land on Home screen of your device.
  • You can access recently opened apps on App Switcher by double-clicking the Home button.
  • Or you can bring up Dock by swiping up on your iPad with your other finger.

You can use all the above options one by one.

Keep your finger pressed on the image and use another finger to press Home button. Then, find the app where you want to drop the image. You can also use Spotlight to launch recently opened apps; use your other finger and bring down the Spotlight. Or swipe up to bring Dock. Then you can float over your finger (with which you have held the app) on the app → particular folder and then drop the file/image.

You can drop the image or file in a specific conversation if you use Messages app on your iPad. Note that the content/file/image you have held will show ‘+’ symbol (at the top of content) when you start to move it into the app.

You may also use App Switcher to move content to another app. Simply, double tap on Home button (or virtual home button if you are using AssistiveTouch feature). This will bring a number of apps you have recently used. Select the particular app and drop your content there.

There is one more method left. Keep your hold on the content and swipe up from the bottom to bring Dock; next, float your finger over the app and drop the content.

How to Drag and Drop Multiple Files from One App to Another on iPad

Drag and drop in iOS 11 also enables you to move more than one files or contents from one app to another.

Step #1: Launch an app content of which you want to move. This time, you can use Files app.

Step #2: Next, tap on Browse and then choose Location (iCloud Drive).

Step #3: Open Folder and then tap & hold contents, i.e. files or documents.

Step #4: Now bring App Switcher/Dock or you can go to the Home screen to drop contents.

How to Drag and Drop Documents from One Folder to Another in Files App on iPad

Step #1: Launch Files app on iPad.

Step #2: Now tap on Browse → Choose Location where your documents are stored. You can choose iCloud Drive → Pages → Tap and hold the contents you want to move.

Step #3: While holding the doc/file, tap on Back button from upper left corner.

Step #4: Then, go to the folder you want to move your content to.

How to Share Location from Maps App with Drag and Drop on iPad in iOS 11

By using Drag and Drop feature on your iPad, you can share your location or address from Maps.

Step #1: Launch Maps app on your iPad.

Step #2: Go to the location you want to share; you can search it on Map and tap on it.

Step #3: Now you are required to tap and hold the location address on the left part of your device.

Step #4: Next, swipe up from bottom and bring up Dock; alternatively, you can double tap Home button to open App Switcher. Go to the Mail app or Messages to share the location.

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