Headphone splitters are amazing but to enjoy music on two different devices, users have to stay close, and this can be uncomfortable sometimes. Here is something new for music and movie lovers, who can now share audio from one device to two headphones. All you need is to set up Galaxy S8 to send Bluetooth audio to two devices simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are revealing extraordinary features one after another. The Dual Audio is an awesome feature for music lovers, who can now connect two Bluetooth headphones from a single Bluetooth media audio. This feature is super easy to set up and provides excellent result. Check out how you can activate use Galaxy S8 Dual Audio (Bluetooth 5.0)

How to Activate Dual Audio in Galaxy S8

You need to turn on Dual Audio, and then you can use it.

Step #1: Launch Settings on your phone.

Step #2: Now tap on Connections.

Step #3: Next, tap Bluetooth.

Step #4: Tap on three vertical dots from the upper right corner of phone screen.

Step #5: Tap on Dual Audio feature.

Step #6: Then tap the toggle button on the upper right corner to switch Dual Audio on.

After activating Dual Audio, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 with two Bluetooth devices, and then stream audio to two headphones. You can mix and match the selection by streaming audio to a headphone and a Bluetooth speaker or two Bluetooth speakers. Surprise doesn’t end here; when you connect a third Bluetooth device to your Galaxy S8, the first one automatically gets disconnected and your phone will add the third one to its kitty.

Another startling feature is that you can control audio on the first connected Bluetooth device. On second Bluetooth device, you can only listen to the music. So if you want to adjust music controls, it should be on your first connected device.

That is truly amazing feature. Samsung offers something incredible to its users, who ardently follow their passion for music.

If you have migrated from an iOS device to the latest Galaxy S8, you can transfer music from iTunes to Android phone and enjoy music on two Bluetooth devices.

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