The world of emojis has always evolved with new expressions and reactions to communicate with friends. A couple of months back, Facebook launched reaction pack to spice up chat of Facebook users on Messenger app and on Facebook. Now it’s Apple that has come up with some emoji reactions to add more fun to your iMessage chat.

These emoji reactions are aptly called Tapbacks (when it is Apple, you can expect a completely different nomenclature for each new feature). Emojis actually are part and parcel of communication that happens on different chat clients. Sometimes words are not enough to express our emotions and hence, chat clients offer emojis or emoticons.

This information deals with three different topics related to emoji tapbacks: how you can react with Tapbacks; how you can change those Tapbacks; and finally, how you can delete your reactions.

How to Use Emoji Tapbacks in iMessage in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

How to React with Emoji Tapbacks in iMessage in iOS 10

Your reaction is your way to send back something. By sending an emoji, you can register your reaction in a chat thread.

Step #1: Open iMessage on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on contact with whom you want to chat; or you can jump on the existing communication thread.

Step #3: Now touch and hold the message you have received from your contact.

Step #4: A menu with some emoji options pop up on your iPhone screen; tap on the Tapback you want to send.

Meaning of the new Tapback emoji reactions:

As of now, iOS 10 beta has six emoji options listed below.

Heart emoji symbolizes “Like, love or favourite”.

Thumbs up means the sender is Happy; it also means ‘approve’ or ‘agree’.

Thumbs down is for ‘Sad, disapprove, or disagree’.

Ha ha is for ‘laugh’; either you are laughing happily or sarcastically.

!!: is for emphatic exclamation.

?: is Question.

How to Change Emoji Reaction Tapback in iMessage

On second thought, you wish you had sent something else as your emoji reaction. So now you want to change that reaction Tapback in your iMessage. Follow the steps below.

Step #1: Just touch and hold or long press the iMessage with the Tapback you want to change.

Step #2: Now tap on the Tapback you want to change to; select any from Heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, Ha ha, !, or ?.

This will change emoji reaction Tapback in your iMessage.

How to Delete Emoji Reaction Tapback in iMessage

If you have sent an emoji by mistake, you can revoke this action by deleting the emoji reaction Tapback in your iMessage.

Step #1: Long press or touch and hold the iMessage with the Tapback you want to delete.

Step #2: Tap on the Tapback you wish to delete; for example, if you want to delete Thumbs down, tap on Thumbs down.

This action will make the Tapback disappear. People who are loyal to Apple eco-system or in other words Apple users, always seek multi-platform features; this means, what they find interesting in iPhone, they want to it on Apple TV and Mac also. Before you ask if you can use Tapbacks on Mac, the answer is yes. With macOS Sierra, you can use Tapbacks on your Mac.

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