Getting iMessage on Android phones is your step in the direction of appreciating cross-platform feature usage. I have always admired cross-platform feature usage. Whenever I get to know about an iOS feature used on Android or vice versa, I love to explore that feature. A couple of weeks ago, I have written articles on iPhone X animojis on Android, iPhone X swipe-to-home gesture on Android and iOS 11-like Control Center on Android devices. Such features are always in vogue as they allow users to enjoy the facilities of other operating system without leaving their own. And in this list, here is one more addition – how to use iMessage on Android phones.

With the launch of iOS 10, Apple made a lot of enhancements in Messages app and in iOS 11, the brand continues to surprise iPhone users with more embellishments. And this is the reason why iMessage has always been a chartbuster in the league of so many free chat clients like Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts and more. Perhaps this eternal charm of iMessage lured Android users to experience this exclusive iOS feature on their Android phones. If you are the one who wants to get this iMessage on your Android phone, here is the method.

How to Use iMessage on Android Phones

How to Use iMessage on Android Phones

The sixteen-year boy Roman Scott has done an excellent job by developing a third-party app, which is now available on Google Play Store. Two days ago, Roman detailed weMessage on Reddit, and we found this interesting stuff for our readers. Roman found that people are not able to use iMessage on Android phones, and hence, developed weMessage so that users can use iMessage on their Android phones or tablets.

Once you download the weMessage from the Play Store, the app will ask usual permissions to your contacts and all. Next, you can use this app the way you use iMessage on your iPhone.

But wait! Life is not a bed of roses for you. weMessage is just one part of the software and you have to install weServer on your Mac. Yes, you must have Mac, where you need to install weServer from the website Roman wants you to go through the documentation on the website before you use weMessage app on your Android device.

Since weMessage works by sending messages to weServer, you must install and setup weServer on your Mac to use this app.

How to Setup WeMessage Server on Mac to use Apple iMessage on Android Devices

Unlike other messaging apps, weMessage doesn’t store your messages on a central server and you have full control over your conversations as you host it on your own computer.

Some of the features of weMessage are group chats, attachments, easy customization, read receipts, encryption, and more.

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