How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS 11 Files App on iPad Pro

Files app in iOS 11 has revolutionized the way you had been managing your files on your iOS devices. Until now, users were happy using Dropbox on iPhone and iPad. Thanks to Files app in iOS 11, iPhone and iPad users have found an easier way to save their documents. With many files stored in the app, you wish you could have used keyboard shortcuts to manage your documents. Well, Apple is a wishing well; just drop a coin into it and make a wish. Voilà! Your wish is fulfilled by Apple. You can now use keyboard shortcuts in iOS 11 Files app on iPad Pro.

Given the large size of iPad Pro, people love to use this beast with a keyboard. And here the keyboard shortcuts give you extreme comfort in typing long documents on your iPad Pro. We have listed some essential keyboard shortcuts you can use in Files app on iPad Pro running iOS 11. Use them and make your life easy!

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS 11 Files App on iPad Pro

List of iPad Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for iOS 11 Files App

  • To Copy: Cmd+C
  • To Duplicate: Cmd+D
  • To Paste: Cmd+V
  • To Move Here: Shift+Cmd+V
  • To Delete: Cmd+Backspace
  • To Select All: Cmd+A
  • To Go to an Enclosing Folder: Cmd+up arrow
  • To View as Icons: Cmd+1
  • To View as List: Cmd+2
  • To Create a folder: Shift+Cmd+N
  • To Search: Cmd+F
  • To Show Recents: Shift+Cmd+R
  • To Show Browse: Shift+Cmd+B

Considering above keyboard shortcuts, your interaction with Files app on iPad Pro will be way easier. However, you won’t find it as comfortable as Mac keyboard shortcuts. This clearly means there is a huge room for improvement.

I wish I could use arrow keys to navigate in general as this Files app allows me to go up a level in the folder hierarchy with Cmd-up arrow.

There is another shortcut Cmd-Space, which allows you to enter Spotlight search; here, users can go up and down by using arrow keys to explore the list of results. To get more information, you can use a little arrow to the right of some of the search results (for example, Wikipedia results). Users can use left and right arrows to explore these sections. My question is: why don’t Files app allow me to do this? Maybe this question is answered in future beta; but Apple could always integrate this basic feature of keyboard shortcuts now.

Type-to-select is another wish people are making. Mac users have the luxury to use Finder to type the first few letters of a file, an app, or anything in the folder and they can choose the item. This is missing in Files app in iOS 11.

Well, so far, so good for Apple. Let’s hope for the best features integrated in future. Till then, you can explore the Files app by sharing documents in Files app in iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad. You can also add Dropbox to Files app and also recover deleted documents in Files app.

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