Samsung has introduced many unique functions in its latest flagship killer Galaxy Note 8. It will challenge your thinking about how much one can push a smartphone to its limit of creativity. Many such features like split screen multitasking, floating window, live video recorder and a handful more are included. This time, Samsung has focused on taking the messaging experience to a whole new level by introducing the Live Messages feature on Note 8. If you own Note 8, get to know how to send and use Live Messages on Note 8.

The Live Messages features a window where you can draw to write messages in your own creative way. You can add effects, change color of the message, add a background, and enjoy a unique messaging experience with no limits. Here are some tips on how to send Note 8 live messages.

How to Use Live Messages on Samsung Note 8

Getting Started

This is where the S pen is utilized to its full potential. You will get to know many functionalities of this Pen once you start exploring it. Let’s start the exploration with the Live Messages features:

How to Create Live Message on Note 8

Step #1: Remove the S Pen from your phone and the Live Messages will be launched.

Step #2: On the open window, draw any message.

Step #3: Once completed, Tap on “Done”.

How to Change Color of the Live Message on Galaxy Note 8

Step #1: With the drawing window open, tap the ‘color icon’ on the left side.

Step #2: Select any color of your choice which you want to apply on the message font.

How to Change Thickness of Lines of Live Message

Step #1: Open the drawing window and tap the ‘thickness icon’ on the left corner.

Step #2: Move the slider to adjust the thickness of the line.

How to Change Live Message Text Effects

Step #1: Launch drawing window; tap the ‘effects icon’ on the left corner.

Step #2: There are three different effects to choose from. Select any one of your choice from there.

How to Share Live Messages from Samsung Note 8

Once done with your creation, chances are you will want to share it away.

Step #1: Tap on Done from the upper-right corner.

Step #2: Here you will a preview of your live message. Tap on Share button.

Step #3: Now choose how you want to see the GIF animation.

How to Preview Live Message on Note 8

Step #1: With the drawing window open, tap on “COLLECTION”.

Step #2: You have created any live message previously, tap on it to preview.

How to Add Background on Live Message

Adding a background makes your message more creative. Any picture as the background will convey half of your message in itself. Draw on any picture or edit it with the S Pen in the Live messages app.

Step #1: Remove the S Pen to open the live messages app.

Step #2: Tap on “BACKGROUND”.

Step #3: Choose any image from your gallery which you want to set as the background.

How to Find Old Live Messages

Though the GIF files will be stored in gallery, you can always use a shortcut to Live Messages window.
Step #1: Open the app and choose ‘Collection’ from bottom right corner of phone screen. You can see all your Live Photos created by you earlier.

These were some of the basic fundamentals of using the S Pen with Live Messages on Note 8. Once you are into it, you will discover more and more features for giving your messages a touch of creativeness. Hope this proved to be an entertaining and informative article for those who are new or planning to buy the Galaxy Note 8.

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