Nintendo has surprised its loyal customers by launching NES Classic edition a couple months back. And users from Generation X purchased this NES Classic. Recently, the company released Nintendo Switch for the current generation. Well, this too got tremendous response from game lovers. And now the real surprise comes: you can use Nintendo Switch controllers with NES Classic edition. Floored, aren’t you?

But why on earth should you use those Switch controllers with NES Classic? Simple: the latter has got lengthy wired controllers that come in the package. In this wireless era, who wants to tangle with wires? Therefore, some people want to use Nintendo Switch controllers with NES Classic edition.

To perform this trick, you should be owner of both the devices: NES Classic and Nintendo Switch. With this workaround, you will be able to use your Switch Joy-Con controllers or Pro Controller with NES Classic. Of course, here is an intervention from third-party wireless dongle and a firmware update. So, are you ready to use Nintendo Switch controllers with your NES Classic?

Retro Receiver from 8Bitdo is designed to work with NES Classic edition. Apart from NES Classic, this Retro Receive is also compatible with PS4, PS3, Wii Mote, and Wii U Pro. Moreover, 8Bitdo has posted a new firmware update, which lets Joy-Con or Switch Pro Controller to be paired with NES Classic.

You can install the firmware update through a download to your computer or Mac and then connect an included USB-to-micro-USB dongle into the wireless receiver.

Note that Joy-Con and Pro Controllers are costlier than a wireless NES Classic controller; however, if you have got a Joy-Con candy or a wireless controller that includes the Retro Receiver from 8Bitdo, you have got a good deal.

The process to use Nintendo Switch controllers with NES Classic seems nerve-racking first, but it is easy.

  • Download and connect Retro Receiver into your computer and install.
  • Next, press and hold the small pairing button on the receiver once it is connected with NES Classic.
  • Now press and hold the pairing button on a Joy-Con on your Switch Pro Controller.

It is done!

Joy-Con works well as a small NES controller without the d-pad. Buttons also work smoothly with start and select moved to the small SL and SR buttons on top of Joy-Con.

When you wish to reconnect Joy-Con with the Switch, simply slide the Joy-Con back into the Switch. But this will disconnect Joy-Con from Retro Receiver, and you have to pair it again with Retro Receiver.

A true-blue gamer would always love to do such tricks on their consoles and devices. We have already done some tricks for users; for Nintendo users, they can now set up parental controls on Nintendo Switch.

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With your Nintendo account, you need to download games and other stuff, if you don’t want to use physical cards. This amazing console allows 8 players to link up their Nintendo accounts to a single console. In this situation, players can add or change Nintendo accounts in eShop on Switch.

Normally, Nintendo users are not allowed to access eShop from any country as only four countries viz. Japan, Americas, Europe, Australia/NZ have got access to eShop. But you can always get things done. Now, you can access Nintendo eShop from any country. All you need to do is to create a Nintendo account on your personal computer and follow some easy steps.

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