Do you tend to incorporate videos into your work schedule, that is to say, do you watch videos while working? Don’t worry; we won’t judge you! Everybody has their preferred style of working. Some people can’t do without a quick clip to keep their minds fresh from all the tedious work. If you are a Mac owner, you would love to use Picture-in-Picture mode with Touch Bar on MacBook Pro.

Apple enables you to use PiP mode on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. You have the option to choose picture-in-picture mode to help you multitask while working and playing that video you wanted to keep playing in the background. And with the new macOS High Sierra, there is an even easier and intuitive means for access the feature.

Now, with the MacBook Pro, you can use the Touch Bar to enable picture-in-picture mode to enjoy watching videos along with working on your projects. In fact, the process is incredibly simple and straightforward.

Disclaimer: Not all apps have the PiP functionalities integrated with their services just yet. So this feature will only work with the apps which have support for PiP mode.

Now, as you open up an app which has support for PiP, you will notice the PiP button light up in the Touch Bar. All you have to do is tap on the button and your small little video window will be ready. All you will have to do now is adjust it to your preferences.

How to Use Touch Bar to Enable Picture-in-Picture mode on MacBook Pro

Step #1. The first bit would be starting up Safari on your Mac.

Step #2. Then simply head over to the site which has the video which you intend to play.

Step #3. The next bit would be pressing play, and after that simply tap on the PiP button
on the Touch Bar and you are good to go.

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Now this doesn’t imply you are stuck to using PiP through the above described methods alone. You can also click on the PiP mode button at the bottom right of the video to use the feature.

However, on YouTube you will have to double click twice to get the PiP Window on your screen. Now simply check the confirmation prompt and that’s it.

Special Tips on Controlling PiP Videos in macOS High Sierra

  • The PiP Window can be dragged to any of the four corners of the screen to better suit your viewing preferences.
  • You can stop the video by clicking the pause button and resume it again by pressing on play.
  • Click on the PiP button to return to the main viewing screen and disable the PiP mode.
  • Now if you find the necessity to use the full screen of your laptop, but also don’t want to close the video, then you can drag the PiP screen out of the screen. And when you find the necessity to use it again, simply use the PiP handle to bring things back to how it was.
  • Again, if you intend to completely stop the video, then just click on the ‘X’ button and the video will be closed.

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