How to Use Snapchat Lenses to Get Face Effects on iPhone and Android

Snapchat lenses are new features young users use like anything. If you ask me what separates Snapchat from other chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and others, I will vote for Snapchat lenses. Reason behind the colossal success of Snapchat is that young users like to use Snapchat lenses to get face effects on iPhone and Android.

Once they capture a selfie, youngsters love to decorate their own photos with weird stuff. Lenses provide this funny content to make their selfies extremely humorous. We will take you through a detailed guide so that you can also use Snapchat lenses to get facial effects on your iPhone and Android.

How to Use Snapchat Lenses to Get Funny Face Effects on iPhone and Android

Step #1: First off, take your Phone and launch Snapchat app on it.

Open Snapchat on your phone

Step #2: Now, the default screen that appears on your Phone is the running Camera, which is ready to capture a photo.

Step #3: Here, you need to double-tap on the screen to convert setting into selfie camera.

Tap on Selfie Camera

Note that you can also use Snapchat lenses on rear facing camera. Since people like to decorate their own faces, selfie camera is more acceptable among young users.

Step #4: Once you are on selfie camera, tap and hold on your face for a few seconds.

Step #5: A white mesh (in crisscross pattern) appears for a short while and you can see a number of lenses in a row that goes from right to left. This white mesh will quickly map your face and then place the lenses on your face to create funny face effects.

Select your favorite Lens

Step #6: From several Snapchat faces, you can use the one that makes you laugh. Remember that lenses will appear in circular shape on your Phone.

Step #7: Once you select your favorite lens, tap on the camera shutter button to capture the image.

Tap on capture button

During this process, Snapchat will give you directions on using those lenses. For example, in some lenses, you can stick out your tongue to create funny effects; in others, you will be asked to raise your eyebrows.

Snapchat also offers you lenses to change your voice and create some funny images. The last one is awesome; you can swap your face with any other existing photo or image in your Camera Roll.

Note that Snapchat lenses are free; but the app will keep rotating the selection. Once you capture an image, you can share it with other Snapchat users in your contacts. If you want to shoot a video, simply tap and hold that circular shutter button.

After you have added a lens to your image or video, you can save that snap to your smartphones Photos app; you can add that to your Story, which can be seen by your friends for 24 hours. And you can also send it to your contacts.

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